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what is an enamel pin?

Discover the world of enamel pins with our informative blog. Learn about the art of crafting these unique accessories, which are made by adding decorative enamel to metal pins crafted from materials like steel, aluminum, copper, brass, or iron. Explore the advantages of customized enamel pins and get inspired to create your own style.

If you’re a fan of enamel pins, you’ll want to find a creative way to showcase them to fully appreciate their charm. Don’t keep these beautiful pins hidden away in drawers! Display them proudly and turn your pin collection into an exhibition of creativity and style. From pennants and embroidery hoops to pillows and pin displays, there are endless possibilities to make your enamel pins a captivating design statement. Don’t miss the chance to capture the beauty of your imaginative and adorable pins on display.

What purpose do enamel pins serve?

These tiny metal pins can be decorated with any pattern, including quirky pictures, corporate logos, and whatever else you might think of. Enamel pins allow people to personalize and adorn jean jackets, backpacks, hats, and other items while also serving as an extension of their personalities.

It is in our nature to desire to spend time with our friends, coworkers, and family. However, we are continuously reminded to keep a social distance between one another during these tough times and as we work to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is simple to forget, though, after a lifetime of being close to others and relishing their companionship.

Sometimes all we need is a cue to serve as a reminder of what is expected of us. Although modest, the cue can nevertheless be powerful. A wonderful approach to provide folks around you a visual clue to social distance is with an enamel pin.

A lapel, shirt collar, cap, bag, or handbag can all be accessorized with an enamel pin. Additionally, the enamel pin does not need to be too big. To emphasize the value of social distance, all it takes is a one-inch enamel pin.


Why is it called an enamel pin?

About 600 years later, Greek craftsmen started filling in the crevices between the wires in filigree motifs with powdered glass. They then burned these works of art, producing an inlay known as enamel.


Enamel pins are quite popular with clients

enamel pins
enamel pins

Sure, it’s because they’re a high-quality, incredibly sturdy pin that gives the outfit depth. A soft enamel pin can accept practically any design, which is much better. So, among other team sports, we have customers who use them as trading pins for baseball and other sports like football, basketball, and soccer.

These little metal pins can have any design, including quirky artwork, customized logos, and whatever else you can think of. They are completely customisable. People can personalize and accessorize jean jackets, backpacks, hats, and other items with enamel pins, which serve as extensions of their personalities.

Entrepreneurs all over the world are unsure of how to seize the potential presented by the explosion of enamel pins in the fashion industry.

Creatives and pin manufacturers all around the world have begun establishing profitable internet companies by turning their distinctive designs and ideas into enamel lapel pins, from graphic artists to garment designers to large stores.

The enamel pin market appeals to illustrators and other creatives for the following reasons:

  • Clothing and sticker sales go well with the sale of pins.
  • Enamel pin sales have substantial profit margins.
  • Making and shipping them is simple.
  • Creativity has no bounds.

At some point in their lives, many people have bought an enamel pin. They are a simple-to-use fashion piece that looks excellent no matter where you place it. Enamel pins are treated as miniature works of art and are marketed and sold accordingly. Despite their modest price, they can have quite substantial margins if they are properly developed and built.

Since many years ago, there have been souvenir pins. There are probably a variety of various lapel pins available at each rest area or gift shop.


Wearing pins today allows people to express themselves and support the causes they care about. Anywhere is fair game, including book jackets, hats, shirts, and bottoms. With superstars like Taylor Swift sporting them on the Entertainment Weekly cover, enamel pins have evolved into a type of fashion statement.

How are enamel pins used?

On your beanie, you can add a few. As the weather begins to cool for the fall and winter months, you’ll definitely start sporting beanies or other hats to stay warm.

Make your bag unique.

The classic Jean jacket.

A blazer or jacket.

Style on your lapel and shirt collars., etc.

Additionally, these enamel pins make fantastic home decor accessories.


Enamel pins can be used to embellish the following products, for instance:

-1.Polyfoam ornaments

For the upcoming Christmas, you must have already purchased some Polyfoam decorations in the form of snowman or snowball shapes, or you can simply visit your room and discover those adorable items. As the picture below demonstrates, Polyfoam decorations are ideal for securing and preserving your modest enamel pin collection.

-2.Hoop Embroidery

The embroidery hoops make adorable, simple, straightforward, and round displays for pin collections with fewer pieces. You can choose your preferred fabric styles to complement your decor. The hoops come in various sizes to display the various pin counts.


These displays are appealing to us because they let us express our decorating creativity and provide us a chance to reuse some of our previous favorite fabrics and garments. Just use the straightforward pennants if you’re collecting bespoke pins in lesser quantities. To help you find the pins, the pennant features a few squares in various colors. For a freestyle pinning, you may also select the pennants with the twine color of your choice.

-4. Pin Pal

We prefer the pin friend as the swag tag for hanging exhibit our modest collection of enamel pins on garment bag poles without the weight of the pins on your jackets or having to remove them for laundering. It is simple to hang from any rod thanks to the metal book ring. Your information and color selections are also customizable.

-5. Pillows and bolsters

Aren’t the pillows nice to look at? Don’t you think my collection of personalized pins is complete? It’s wonderful to wear them on jackets or purses, but there’s always a chance that one will go lost on the streets of your city. Your favorite unique enamel pins now have a better location to be displayed and stored thanks to these straightforward pillowcases!


Your collection of metal pins is displayed in an intriguing way on lampshades made of woven fabric materials like burlap. The collection of metal pins was able to become more than just ornaments thanks to the reuse of a lampshade. To prevent the lampshade from becoming fastigiated with varying loads, balance your collection of pins.

-7. Basket

This style of basket works well for our extensive assortment of metal pins. Additionally, the basket’s existing holes are excellent places to wear our enamel pins. Find out if you have such an abandoned basket by going to your warehouse. Finding a new home for your collection of pins after painting it or purchasing a new one is also a smart option.


What if, after doing all of this, your pin collection is simply TOO BIG to put on all of these places? It’s time to hang a pinboard! You may buy prefabricated pinboards at several retailers or use a cork board.

You can also create one from scratch! Place some foam board in your preferred picture frame after covering it with cloth. After that, you can begin planning straight away! It can be hung up or let to rest against the wall on your dresser. Make it as big as you’d like so you can fit all of your pins in it.

How do you get enamel pins?

Give ordering from us some thinking if you want enamel pins from Custom Medals And Pins.

There are numerous materials used to create enamel pins.. The materials that can be used to make enamel pins include brass, copper, pewter, zinc, gold, and others. Consider Custom Medals and Pins for all of your custom enamel pin requirements.

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