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Elevate the personalization of army uniforms with custom patches, offering a unique way for military personnel to express individuality, commemorate achievements, and foster unity within their units. Proper placement, guided by Army Regulation 670-1, ensures a professional appearance, with custom patches typically adorning the left shoulder in alignment with the U.S. flag patch. Whether on combat or dress uniforms, adhering to these guidelines is essential to maintain uniformity and uphold military traditions.

Custom patches contribute significantly to the sense of identity and belonging among military personnel, allowing individuals to proudly showcase their affiliation and dedication to the armed forces. Explore the myriad benefits of incorporating custom patches to not only personalize uniforms but also strengthen the camaraderie and professionalism within military units.

uniform patches
custom uniform patches

Why Custom Uniform Patches?

Designing custom uniform patches is an exciting process that can help you create a unique and distinctive patch that perfectly captures your team’s spirit and personality.

When designing a custom uniform patch, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, you should think about the design elements that you want to include, such as your team’s logo, colors, and any slogans or branding elements that you want to feature. You should also consider the size and shape of the patch, as well as the materials and thread colors that you want to use. When designing a custom uniform patch, it is also essential to consider the placement of the patch on your team’s uniforms. 

When designing a custom uniform patch, it is important to work with a manufacturer who can provide you with expert guidance and support throughout the design process. A supplier will be able to provide you with a range of design options and can work with you to create a patch that perfectly meets your needs and specifications.

Different Types Of Patches

Embroidered patches have long been a symbol of distinction and craftsmanship. With our Patches Series, you can take advantage of this timeless tradition to create a lasting impression. Each patch is meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art embroidery techniques and premium materials to ensure unmatched quality and durability.

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All custom patches pricing include:

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  • Free Artwork
  • Fast Delivery
  • Any shape or size

Embroidery Coverage Pricing

The cost of our personalized patches depends on how much embroidery is used to cover the patch. Typically, we provide embroidered patches with 50%, 75%, and 100% coverage.

50% Coverage

50% Coverage

75% Coverage

75% Coverage

100% Coverage

100% Coverage

Patches Cost

Pricing includes everything except taxes – even expedited shipping. No hidden fees.

50% Coverage
12 25 50 100 200 300 500 1000 2000
2" $5.562 $2.727 $1.404 $1.098 $0.657 $0.576 $0.468 $0.405 $0.3645
2.5" $7.164 $3.465 $1.773 $1.26 $0.846 $0.729 $0.612 $0.513 $0.4617
3" $8.487 $4.095 $2.088 $1.458 $0.972 $0.909 $0.747 $0.522 $0.4698
3.5" $11.871 $5.706 $2.898 $1.647 $1.215 $1.152 $0.909 $0.657 $0.5913
4" $13.086 $6.336 $3.195 $1.863 $1.341 $1.233 $1.053 $0.819 $0.7371
4.5" $15.696 $7.542 $3.816 $2.232 $1.539 $1.467 $1.197 $0.936 $0.8424
5" $17.595 $8.46 $4.275 $2.457 $1.953 $1.701 $1.296 $1.098 $0.9882
5.5" $21.78 $10.449 $5.283 $2.988 $2.178 $1.827 $1.548 $1.341 $1.2069
6" $25.272 $12.114 $6.138 $3.411 $2.718 $2.385 $2.034 $1.899 $1.7091
6.5" $28.485 $13.635 $6.894 $3.834 $3.114 $2.817 $2.178 $2.043 $1.8387
7" $32.616 $15.633 $7.893 $4.68 $3.789 $3.474 $2.934 $2.637 $2.3733
75% Coverage
12 25 50 100 200 300 500 1000 2000
2" $5.832 $2.844 $1.458 $1.206 $0.729 $0.63 $0.522 $0.45 $0.405
2.5" $7.38 $3.528 $1.818 $1.368 $0.945 $0.801 $0.675 $0.567 $0.531
3" $9.036 $4.347 $2.223 $1.593 $1.08 $0.999 $0.819 $0.567 $0.549
3.5" $12.195 $5.859 $2.988 $1.809 $1.35 $1.269 $0.999 $0.729 $0.693
4" $14.868 $7.155 $3.627 $2.043 $1.476 $1.359 $1.161 $0.909 $0.873
4.5" $17.244 $8.289 $4.203 $2.376 $1.71 $1.62 $1.323 $1.026 $0.963
5" $19.584 $9.396 $4.761 $2.709 $2.16 $1.89 $1.431 $1.206 $1.125
5.5" $22.905 $10.962 $5.562 $3.267 $2.403 $2.016 $1.719 $1.476 $1.395
6" $26.856 $12.924 $6.516 $3.753 $3.015 $2.637 $2.25 $2.115 $2.025
6.5" $29.835 $14.301 $7.218 $4.221 $3.438 $3.132 $2.403 $2.259 $2.178
7" $33.165 $15.894 $8.01 $5.238 $4.212 $3.852 $3.258 $2.925 $2.754
100% Coverage
12 25 50 100 200 300 500 1000 2000
2" $6.165 $2.979 $1.539 $1.305 $0.783 $0.702 $0.567 $0.486 $0.45
2.5" $7.515 $3.573 $1.863 $1.485 $1.035 $0.882 $0.747 $0.612 $0.576
3" $10.953 $5.238 $2.691 $1.728 $1.179 $1.098 $0.9 $0.612 $0.594
3.5" $13.635 $6.525 $3.33 $1.962 $1.476 $1.386 $1.098 $0.783 $0.756
4" $15.174 $7.245 $3.699 $2.223 $1.629 $1.494 $1.278 $0.99 $0.945
4.5" $18.216 $8.757 $4.455 $2.673 $1.881 $1.773 $1.458 $1.125 $1.053
5" $20.016 $9.576 $4.869 $2.979 $2.367 $2.07 $1.566 $1.314 $1.233
5.5" $26.685 $12.762 $6.102 $3.591 $2.637 $2.214 $1.89 $1.629 $1.53
6" $28.458 $13.626 $6.885 $4.068 $3.312 $2.898 $2.466 $2.331 $2.223
6.5" $32.913 $15.777 $7.965 $4.617 $3.789 $3.438 $2.637 $2.475 $2.385
7" $35.739 $17.136 $8.64 $5.679 $4.626 $4.23 $3.582 $3.222 $3.033

Price includes up to nine standard embroidery colors.

On the rare occasion that your job requires more than nine colors, each additional color is 6 cents per color.

For metallic threads, add 15% to the base price per patch.

Dye Sublimation Prices

We provide a method known as dye sublimation because we are aware that some patches require a great deal of detail. Thread is used to embroider and weave patches; some elaborate designs cannot be produced as cleanly as we’d like. By using specific dyes that bind to the fabric molecules in our dye sublimation process, we can produce printed patches with fine details that are almost photographic in clarity. Pricing for custom patches is given on a case-by-case basis and will be finished upon request.

Options & Accessories

iron on

Iron on



hook and loop

Hook And Loop

paper backing

Paper Backing



sew on

Sew On

Uniform Patches In Popularity!

In addition to custom uniform patches, custom enamel pins are another great way to enhance your team’s style and identity. They can be used to display team logos, branding elements, and other design elements, and they can be worn on hats, jackets, bags, and other accessories.

Custom uniform patches are also highly customizable, so you can create a patch that perfectly captures your team’s personality and style. You can choose from a range of colors, shapes, and sizes, and you can also choose from different types of finishes, such as soft enamel, hard enamel, or die-struck.

Custom uniform patches are also durable and long-lasting, so you can be sure that your team will be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Custom uniform patches are a great way to enhance your team’s style and identity. By working with the Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer, you can ensure that you get high-quality products that are durable, visually appealing, and perfectly capture your team’s spirit and personality.

When designing custom uniform patches, it is important to consider the design elements that you want to include, the size and shape of the patch or pin, and the placement of the patch or pin on your team’s uniforms or accessories.

There are several advantages to using custom uniform patches for your team. Firstly, these products can help to create a sense of unity and identity among your team members. When everyone is wearing the same patch or pin, it can help to build a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Additionally, custom uniform patches can help to enhance your team’s visibility and recognition. When your team members wear patches or pins with your logo or branding, it can help to increase awareness and recognition of your team among fans, competitors, and others.

Custom uniform patches can also be a great way to generate revenue for your team. You can sell patches to fans and supporters, or you can use them as a fundraising tool for your team. This can help to generate additional income that can be used to support your team’s operations and activities.

Finally, custom uniform patches can be a great way to reward and recognize your team members. You can create special patches to recognize individual achievements or milestones, such as a championship win or a record-breaking performance. This can help to motivate and inspire your team members and can help to build a sense of pride and accomplishment.

When creating a custom patch, there are a few things to consider. The first is the design – the patch should be eye-catching and memorable, while still fitting in with the overall uniform. The Custom Wolf Patch, with its intricate details and bold colors, is sure to stand out on any uniform. Additionally, the patch should be made of high-quality materials and embroidered with care to ensure longevity and durability.

Custom uniform patches are not limited to just sports teams and military units. They can also be used in industries such as hospitality, healthcare, and transportation, where uniforms are worn daily. Patches for uniforms can help employees feel like they are part of a team and create a sense of pride in their work. A custom uniform patch can also serve as a way to identify employees and their roles within an organization.

Embroidered uniform patches are a popular choice for custom patches because they are durable and long-lasting. Embroidery allows for intricate designs and details to be added to the patch, giving it a professional and polished look. 

TPU patches are well-liked for their sturdiness and resistance to chemicals, UV radiation, and abrasion. They are frequently applied to clothing, bags, caps, and other items for branding, identification, and personalisation. TPU patches can be personalized with different colors, textures, and patterns, as well as raised, embossed, or debossed details.

Custom uniform patches are a great way to add personality and customization to uniforms while still maintaining a professional look. The Custom Wolf Patch, with its powerful design and symbolism, is an excellent choice for sports teams, military units, and other organizations looking to create a sense of unity and teamwork. When creating a custom patch, it’s important to consider the design, materials, and embroidery to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting product. Overall, a custom uniform patch can add value and pride to any uniformed profession.

Enhance your team’s style and identity not only with custom uniform patches but also with custom enamel pins. These versatile pins can showcase team logos, branding elements, and intricate designs, becoming stylish additions to hats, jackets, bags, and other accessories. Collaborating with the Best Enamel Pin Manufacturer ensures high-quality, durable products that perfectly capture your team’s spirit. Custom uniform patches offer another layer of personalization, allowing you to choose from various colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes like soft enamel, hard enamel, or die-struck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are patches durable and long-lasting?

The durability of patches depends on their quality, attachment method, and how they are cared for. Sewn patches generally offer the highest durability, while adhesive-backed patches may require periodic reinforcement or reattachment.

Can I customize my own patch design?

Customizing your own patch design is an exciting opportunity to add a personal touch to your clothing, accessories, or organizational emblems. With various tools and methods at your disposal, the possibilities for creating a unique and meaningful patch design are endless.
Whether you prefer to unleash your creativity using graphic design software like Photoshop or Illustrator, explore online platforms with customizable templates, or seek the expertise of embroidery digitizing services, the process offers a chance to bring your vision to life. By customizing your own patch design, you can showcase your individuality, promote a brand or cause, commemorate special events, or simply express your artistic flair. The journey of creating a personalized patch design allows you to craft something truly one-of-a-kind, and the end result can be proudly displayed and cherished.

Can you add patches to hats?

Yes, it is possible to add patches to hats. Adding patches is a common way to personalize or customize hats, giving them a unique and individualized look. Patches can be sewn or attached using various methods, depending on the type of hat and the patch itself.

What is the best type of patch for a hat?

The best type of patch for a hat depends on personal preference and style, with options including embroidered patches that are stitched onto a fabric base, iron-on patches with heat-activated adhesive, adhesive-backed patches that can be easily stuck onto the hat, and Velcro patches featuring hook and loop fasteners for easy attachment and removal, allowing for versatility with multiple patches or insignias.

However, the choice should consider the hat material, desired permanence of attachment, and personal taste, ensuring the patch size is suitable for the hat and the chosen attachment method aligns with the hat material’s compatibility, providing a seamless and visually appealing customization option to add personality and uniqueness to your hat.

What’s the difference between embroidered, woven, and dye sublimated patches?

By sewing several colored threads onto a backing fabric (sometimes referred to as twill), embroidered patches are made. The highest level of dimension is possible with embroidered patches. The process of making woven patches involves weaving together several colored flexible threads on a loom. By dyeing the patch cloth, dye sublimated patches are produced. To create a highly detailed image, we use dyes that form bonds with the fabric’s molecules. This is excellent for printed patches or photos.

Are patches machine washable?

It depends on the type of patch and its attachment method. Sewn patches generally withstand machine washing, while iron-on or adhesive patches may require more delicate washing or removal before washing.

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