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Top 3 spots with the most medals utilized

In early athletic contests, the winning trophy was made from olive or cassia twigs.

In events such as the Olympics, Asian Games, numerous world championships for individuals, marathons, and other competitions, medals are usually awarded. The competition has gold, silver, and bronze prizes.

The Olympics is the highest-level international sporting event, encompassing all of the world. They are hosted by the International Olympic Committee every 4 years.

In 490 BC, the marathon battle between Athens and Persia gave the sport’s name. Every year, marathons are held around the world.

An important type of school sports competition, often known as the school sports meeting, mostly relates to the track and field events held in the spring and fall of each year.

School sports competitions have a high educational value. A comprehensive inspection of the development of school athletics, an

inspection of teaching and training results, support for the development of mass sports activities in schools, and support for the improvement of sports proficiency.

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