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custom Safety Pin Lapel Pin

Custom Safety Pin Lapel Pin

In recent years, lapel pins have become a popular fashion accessory for both men and women. They can add a touch of personality and flair to any outfit and are a great way to show support for a cause or organization. One of the most popular types of lapel pins is the safety pin lapel pin. Not only are these pins stylish and secure, but they also have a meaningful message behind them.

A safety pin lapel pin is a small metal pin that is worn on the lapel of a jacket, coat, or blazer. It’s shaped like a safety pin, with a closed loop on one end and a sharp point on the other. Simple yet powerful in design, the Safety Pin Lapel Pin has become a symbol of unity and support for marginalized communities. Lapel pins like these are often worn to show support for movements like Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, and immigrant rights.

Safety Pins Lapel pins are popular for several reasons. First, it’s an easy and affordable way to show support for a cause or organization. It’s also a subtle way to make a statement without being too public or in person. Plus, safety pins have a long history behind lapel pins. After the 2016 US presidential election, the safety pin lapel pin became a symbol of resistance to hatred and bigotry. It was inspired by the tradition of wearing safety pins after the Brexit referendum to show support for refugees and immigrants.

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Types of Safety Pin Lapel Pins

Safety Pin Lapel pins are popular accessories that can be worn on clothing to show support for a cause or to add a stylish touch to an outfit. They’re called “safety pin” lapel pins because they’re made with pins that have a locking mechanism to keep the pin from accidentally coming loose. There are also safety pin lapel pins made in the shape of a safety pin. There are various types of safety pin lapel pins on the market, each with unique features that allow them to be differentiated from one another and remain distinctive.

Enamel Safety Pin Lapel Pin

Enamel safety pin lapel pins are the most popular safety pin lapel pins. They are made by adding colored enamel to the surface of metal pins, then baked in the oven for a long-lasting, durable finish. Enamel Safety Pins Lapel Pins come in a variety of designs, from simple geometric shapes to intricate illustrations. They can be customized to display images of any complexity or variety of information, making them a great way to accurately express support for a cause or promote a business or event.

Rhinestone Safety Pin Lapel Pin

The Rhinestone Safety Pin Lapel Pin is a safety pin lapel pin studded with shiny rhinestones. Perfect for adding glamor to an outfit, these pins have a shimmering texture for an elegant and sophisticated look and are often worn at formal events such as weddings or proms. Rhinestone safety pins Lapel pins come in a variety of designs, from simple single stone pins to more intricate designs with multiple stones of different colors and shapes.

Printed Safety Pins Lapel Pin

A printed safety pin lapel pin is a type of safety pin lapel pin that features an image or message printed directly on the surface of the pin. These pins are a great option for businesses or organizations looking to promote their brand or message. Printed safety pin lapel pins can also be used as promotional items and are often given away as part of marketing campaigns.

Ribbon Safety Pin Lapel Pin

The Ribbon Safety Pin Lapel Pin is a safety pin lapel pin that has the shape of a ribbon. These pins are often used to show support for a cause, such as breast cancer awareness or LGBTQ+ rights. Ribbon Safety Pin Lapel Pins can be customized with any color or message, making it a great way to show support for a cause important to you.

Vintage Safety Pin Lapel Pin

The Vintage Safety Pin Lapel Pin is a safety pin lapel pin with a design that looks like it’s from a bygone era. Often crafted to resemble vintage signs or advertisements, these pins can add a touch of nostalgia to an outfit. Vintage safety pin lapel pins can also be collector’s items as some vintage safety pin lapel pins are very rare and highly sought after by collectors.

Safety Pin Lapel Pins
Safety Pin Lapel Pin

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How to Wear a Safety Pin Lapel Pin ?

Safety pins Lapel pins are usually worn on clothing, but also in other places, but the common function is to express one’s support and participation in a cause. However, colleagues who take a stand, it is important to know how to wear safety pin lapel pins properly so as not to damage your clothing or injure yourself.

Choose the correct location:

The first step in wearing a safety pin lapel pin is choosing the correct position. Typically, the lapel pin is attached to the left lapel of a jacket or blazer, but it can also be attached to the right lapel or shirt collar. When choosing where to place it, consider the size of the pin and the style of your clothing. Larger pins look better on jacket lapels, while smaller pins may fit better on shirt collars. At the same time, you can also ask the event organizer to get more accurate wearing information.

Fixed pin:

Once you’ve chosen where to place your safety pins, it’s important to secure the pins properly. First, open the pin by gently pulling the ends apart. Then, push the pin through the fabric and push the ends back together to close the pin. Be careful not to push too hard on the pin as this can damage the fabric or cause the pin to break.

To keep the pins level and balanced:

When wearing a safety pin lapel pin, it is important to keep the pin balanced and in good condition. A bent pin may look sloppy or unprofessional, so be sure to adjust the pin until it is straight. If the pin is too heavy and the fabric is sagging, try adding a small piece of tape to the back of the pin to help with support.

Avoid excessive:

While safety pin lapel pins can be a fun and stylish accessory, it’s important to avoid overdoing them. Wearing too many safety pin lapel pins or wearing them in the wrong places can make you look disorganized or unprofessional. Just take one or two pins at a time and make sure they are appropriate for the occasion.

Consider occasions:

Before wearing a safety pin lapel pin, it is important to consider the occasion. While safety pin lapel pins are a great way to express yourself, certain events or situations may not be appropriate to wear a safety pin lapel pin. For example, if you’re going to a formal event like a wedding or funeral, it’s best not to wear a lapel pin. On the other hand, if you’re going to a casual event or protest, a safety pin lapel pin can be a great way to express your thoughts and personality.

Match your outfit with:

When choosing a safety pin lapel pin to wear, consider matching it with your outfit. Choose pins that complement the color and style of your garment. For example, black and white pins might look great on a gray suit, while colored pins might be better for casual wear. Match your pins with your other accessories, such as your tie or pocket square, for a unified look.

Show your personality:

Finally, don’t be afraid to make a statement with a safety pin lapel pin. Choose a pin that reflects your interests, hobbies or values. For example, if you’re passionate about animal rights, you could wear a paw print pin. If you’re a fan of a certain band or sports team, you can wear a pin with their logo on it. By choosing pins that reflect your personality, you can express yourself in a stylish and meaningful way.

Benefits of Safety Pin Lapel Pins

To show support for a cause:

One of the biggest and most important and visible benefits of lapel pins is the ability to show support for a cause. Whether you’re passionate about human rights, environmental issues, or any other social or political cause, there’s a safety pin lapel pin that reflects your values. Wearing lapel pins with specific patterns and designs can help raise awareness and show your support for a cause, while also serving as a conversation starter to help spread the word.

Promote unity:

Safety pin lapel pins also help promote unity and cohesion. In times of crisis or social unrest, wearing a lapel pin helps show that you stand with others who share your values and beliefs. Safety pins lapel pins can also help create a sense of community and belonging, as you can connect with others who share your passions and concerns and build a relevant social network.

Add personality to your outfit:

Aside from political or social significance, safety pin lapel pins can add personality and style to your attire. Whether you prefer bold and colorful pins or sophisticated, understated designs, there’s a lapel pin to suit your personal style. Wearing a uniquely designed lapel pin can help you stand out and express your personality in a fun and stylish way.

As a souvenir:

Another benefit of safety pin lapel pins is that they can be kept as keepsakes. Whether you’re attending a special event, visiting a new place or meeting new people, a lapel pin serves as a reminder of the experience. You can collect safety pin lapel pins from different events or locations to create a meaningful collection that reflects your personal journey.

Demonstrate professionalism:

Finally, safety pin lapel pins are also a great way to show professionalism. In some industries, wearing a safety pin lapel pin helps convey authority or expertise. For example, a doctor might wear a safety pin lapel pin with a medical symbol to show his profession, or a politician might wear a safety pin lapel pin with his political party’s logo to show his affiliation.


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