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Custom Rowing Medals

A great approach to honor the achievements of rowing athletes is with custom medals. These medals are designed to highlight both the sport’s distinguishing elements and the recipient’s unique accomplishments. Custom medals might have a special design that uses specific emblems or graphics to represent the rowing team or tournament.

The rowing medals are greatly desired by participants because they stand for their dedication to the sport, their skill, and their competition. Whatever medals an athlete wins depends on how well they do in various events.

For rowers who put in the time and effort to compete at a highly competitive sport, medals are a show of respect and success. Customized rowing medals are a wonderful way to appreciate the commitment of rowers and acknowledge their successes.


Why Custom Rowing Medals?

Working with a skilled producer of enamel pins is crucial when producing custom rowing medals. These producers specialize in producing customized medals of the finest quality that last for a very long time. Manufacturers of enamel pins can offer direction and advice on the design, components, and manufacturing procedure of the medals thanks to their experience and understanding in these areas.

The design ought to show the unique attributes of rowing, including the boats, oars, and water. Include the specifics of the accomplishment, such as the time and place of the race, the name of the athlete or team, or other relevant information. Once the design is complete, the company that makes enamel pins will make a mold that will be used to cast the medal.

Custom rowing medal design may be a creative and enjoyable endeavor. The first step is to choose the shape and size of the medal. This can be altered to fit the sport and the overall concept of the event. Finally, decide on the design elements, such as the text, photos, and colors. They should be selected such that they capture the spirit of the sport or event and speak to the preferences of both competitors and spectators.

Different Types Of Custom Medals

With our unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, we offer a diverse range of medals that commemorate achievements, recognize accomplishments, and celebrate milestones.

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Rowing Medals In Popularity!​

Rowing competitions have different rules, but in general, the objective is to finish the course as soon as possible. The winning boat is the first to cross the finish line. Rowers from many nations compete against one another in international events like the Olympics, and the champion is chosen based on their overall times.

Rowing is a demanding and satisfying sport that calls for both physical and mental fortitude. The chance to win a medal in a significant competition is evidence of the athlete’s commitment and passion to the sport, and it is a source of pride and success.

Custom rowing medals are made through a multi-step process that includes casting, polishing, and plating. The molten metal is poured into the mold during the casting process, where it is then allowed to cool and harden.

The medal is polished to remove any flaws and provide a smooth, shining surface after it has been taken out of the mold. To provide a tough and long-lasting finish, the medal is finally plated with the required material, such as gold or silver.

Personalized rowing medals and enamel pins Other customized goods, such as challenge coins, keychains, and lapel pins, can also be produced by manufacturers. These items are a fantastic way to recognize accomplishments, foster teamwork, and boost pride among rowing athletes and teams. For instance, personalized lapel pins can be worn on clothing or backpacks, and challenge coins can be traded as a sign of comradery and respect.

Personalized rowing medals are a great way to honor the accomplishments of rowing competitors. These medals are made to reflect the distinctive features of the sport and the individual’s particular accomplishments.

To produce personalized medals of the highest caliber that are strong and long-lasting, it is imperative to work with a seasoned producer of enamel pins. Manufacturers of enamel pins can offer direction and advise on the design, components, and manufacturing procedure of the medals thanks to their experience and understanding in these areas.

It’s time to order the personalized rowing medals once the design has been decided upon. To guarantee that the medals are of the highest quality and delivered on time, it is critical to select a recognized and experienced medal provider. The provider must have good customer service and be able to offer samples of their prior work. Ordering the medals in advance is also essential to avoiding any last-minute issues or delays.

The achievements of rowers can be honored and celebrated with personalized rowing medals. They provide a number of advantages, such as concrete acknowledgment, elevated reputation, marketing possibilities, and community building.
Custom medal design can be a creative and enjoyable process, but ordering from a reliable source is necessary to guarantee quick and high-quality delivery. If you’re planning a rowing competition, think about purchasing personalized rowing medals to make it a memorable and prosperous event.

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3D Medals

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my order?

Production Time: 12 -14days
Shipping: 4 -7days

I'm not a very good artist, can you design something for me?

Certainly! I can assist you in creating a design or providing guidance to help you achieve your desired outcome. 

To get started, please provide me with some details about what you have in mind. Let me know the purpose of the design, any specific elements or concepts you’d like to incorporate, color preferences, and any other relevant information. 

The more details you can provide, the better I can assist you in creating a design that meets your needs.

Does the medal come with a neck ribbon?

Yes, medals are often accompanied by a neck ribbon or lanyard, which allows them to be worn around the neck. The neck ribbon is typically made of a durable fabric material, such as satin or grosgrain, and is attached to the medal itself through a loop or a small ring.

The color and design of the neck ribbon can vary depending on the purpose and the organization or event associated with the medal. Common colors for neck ribbons include solid colors such as red, blue, or white, as well as multi-colored or patterned ribbons that align with the branding or theme of the event or organization.

If you are planning to have custom medals made, you can often choose the color and design of the neck ribbon to match your specific requirements.

What is the material of the medal?

Depending on the objective, financial constraints, and intended aesthetics, many materials can be used to create medals. Following are some typical materials for medals:

  • Zinc alloys: A variety of metal alloys, including brass, bronze, or zinc, are frequently used to create medals. These components provide sturdiness, weight, and a high-end feel.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is renowned for its affordability, corrosion resistance, and strength. It is polishable to provide a smooth, reflective surface.
  • Precious metals: Metals like gold or silver may be used to create prominent or expensive medals. Although these materials might greatly raise the price, they do add a feeling of exclusivity and elegance.

Budget, intended purpose, and desired aesthetic appeal are just a few examples of the variables that influence material selection. To choose the best material for your medal design, take into account these criteria and your unique requirements.

Can I put extra text on or around my submitted logo?

Yes, you can put extra text on or around your submitted logo if you wish to do so. Adding text can provide additional context, a tagline, or any other relevant information that complements your logo design.

However, it’s important to consider a few factors to ensure the text doesn’t detract from the overall impact and legibility of the logo.

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