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Custom Rose Enamel Pin​

Are you looking for a unique way to outwardly express your love for roses? Consider getting your very own custom rose enamel pin! Enamel pins are a popular way to add flair and personality to any outfit, and rose enamel pins are a beautiful and meaningful addition to your collection.

The Rose Enamel Pin is a beautiful little jewelry piece that can be hung on clothing, bags, or accessories. The design of this pin features roses, which are often associated with characteristics such as love, beauty and passion. Pins are made using a process called enamel, which involves filling designs with colored enamel paint. The end result is a pin that is vibrant and lasts for years without getting scratched easily.

While there are many pre-made rose enamel pins available for purchase, you might also consider custom designs. Custom rose enamel pins allow you to create a pin that is truly unique and perfectly reflects your personal style. You are free to choose the size, color and design of the pin to ensure it perfectly matches your outfit and needs. Plus, custom pins make great gifts for loved ones you want to share your love of roses with.

Rose Enamel Pin
Rose Enamel Pins

How Rose Enamel Pins Make a Statement?

For centuries, the rose has been a symbol of love, beauty and passion. From ancient times to modern times, roses have been used in art, literature and fashion. Among them, the rose enamel pin was a fashion accessory that appeared and became popular during this period, reflecting the status of roses in people’s hearts.

Since ancient times, roses have been used to represent love and passion. In Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite created the rose as a symbol of love. In Christianity, roses are often associated with the Virgin Mary, representing purity and innocence. During the Victorian era, roses were given a secret meaning to express emotions that were not allowed to be spoken aloud. Red roses represent love and passion, while white roses represent innocence and purity.

Different Types of Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are a popular and versatile product that can be used to showcase your interests, hobbies, and affiliations. These small and colorful pins can be attached to jackets, backpacks, hats, and more, making them a fun and expressive accessory.

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Soft Enamel Pins Cost

100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
0.75" $2.81 $1.73 $1.26 $1.05 $0.96 $0.92 $0.82 $0.69 $0.60 $0.49
1" $2.24 $1.73 $1.33 $1.09 $1.00 $0.94 $0.84 $0.71 $0.63 $0.54
1.25" $2.30 $1.90 $1.42 $1.14 $1.04 $0.97 $0.89 $0.76 $0.67 $0.56
1.5" $2.44 $2.07 $1.67 $1.23 $1.12 $1.06 $0.95 $0.82 $0.75 $0.61
1.75" $2.71 $2.29 $1.88 $1.46 $1.34 $1.28 $1.20 $1.05 $0.95 $0.87
2" $2.88 $2.46 $2.05 $1.62 $1.51 $1.45 $1.36 $1.22 $1.11 $1.03

Upgrade Crafts Of Enamel Pins

Glitter Enamel

Glitter Enamel





Glow in Dark Enamel

Glow in Dark Enamel







Transparent Enamel

Transparent Enamel

Plating Options




Nickel Plating


Sliver Plating


Antique Gold


Antique Nickel


Antique Silver


Antique Copper

Antique- bronze

Antique Bronze


Copper Plating

Options & Accessories


Butterfly Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Deluxe Clutch

Deluxe Clutch




Safety Pin


Poly Bag

Backer Card

Backer Card


Plastic Box

velvet box

Velvet Box


Velvet Bag

Why Rose Enamel Pins Are a Must-Have Fashion Accessory​

Enamel pins are the most popular fashion accessories in recent years, and rose enamel pins are no exception. These pins are small, brightly colored and can be worn on clothing or accessories. The Rose Enamel Pin has a timeless appeal and is suitable for all ages and styles.

Versatility: One of the main attractions of rose enamel pins is their versatility. These pins can be worn on clothing, bags, hats, and even jewelry, adding color to many items. They can be worn with a variety of outfits, from casual to formal. Rose enamel pins can add a pop of color to an outfit or be used to complement a specific color scheme to complete an overall design.

Meaning: For centuries, the rose has been a symbol of love, beauty and passion. The rose enamel pin embodies this meaning and can be used to express a variety of emotions. And there are a variety of rose enamel pins in different colors and styles for people to choose from, each with its own unique meaning. The red rose enamel pin represents love and passion, and the white rose enamel pin represents purity and innocence. Pink rose enamel pin can represent gratitude, admiration or joy. Rose enamel pins of other colors also have corresponding meanings, and you can search the Internet for specific meanings.

Affordability: Rose enamel pins are an affordable fashion accessory. They come in a variety of price ranges, from a few dollars to more expensive designer options. This makes buying them an option for people of all budgets and being able to think within their means.

Collectible: Enamel pins have become a popular collectible item. Rose enamel pins are no exception. You can collect rose enamel pins according to different styles and colors, and you can easily collect rose enamel pins of the same style or similar colors to create a collection series. Some people will even go to a fair or similar to trade or collect rare or limited edition rose enamel pins.

Expressive: Rose enamel pins are a small and subtle way to express yourself. They can be used to express the mood, personality or interests of the wearer. Whether it’s a red rose enamel pin for love and passion, or a white rose enamel pin for innocence, there’s a rose enamel pin for every occasion, for every mood and affection you want to express.

The Rose Enamel Pin is a beautiful and versatile accessory. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find the one that matches your personal style and completes your ensemble with ease.

Choose the right clothing: The first step in designing a rose enamel pin is choosing the right clothing. Rose enamel pins complement all styles of clothing, from casual to formal. When choosing an outfit, consider the color of the pin and how it will complement your outfit. For example, a red rose enamel pin can be worn with a black or white suit for a bold statement and a statement piece.

Choose the right position: The placement of the rose enamel pin is very important to create a stylish look. Consider placing the pins where they look best on your clothing. Pins can be placed on shirt or jacket collars, pockets, or even hats. You can try out different placements before wearing them to find the one that works best for you.

Mix and match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match different rose enamel pins. Multiple pins can be worn on the same garment for a unique and personalized look. Consider mixing rose enamel pins in different colors and styles for a bold and vibrant style. But also be careful not to appear too burdensome.

As an accessory: Rose enamel pins can be used to decorate other items, such as bags or hats. For example, rose enamel pins can be attached to bags for a pop of color and a unique touch. It can also be attached to a hat or beanie for a stylish look.

Use as a gift: Rose enamel pins are great gifts for friends and lovers. They’re affordable and come in a variety of styles and colors, so it’s easy to find one that fits the recipient’s personal style or that the recipient might like. Consider gifting a unique rose enamel pin for a special occasion, or as a small token of gratitude every day.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make soft enamel lapel pins

To create soft enamel lapel pins, begin by designing your desired artwork. Once the design is ready, a mold is made by etching the design onto a metal plate. The metal base, usually brass or copper, is then cut into the desired shape and plated with finishes like gold, silver, or nickel. 

Next, each recessed area of the design is filled with enamel paint, using a small brush or syringe. Afterward, the pin is baked to cure and solidify the enamel. Once cooled, the pin undergoes a polishing process to create a smooth surface and enhance its visual appeal. 

A pin backing or fastener is attached to the back, and a thorough quality check ensures a flawless outcome. The result is a soft enamel lapel pin with vibrant colors, textured details, and a professional finish.

What are soft enamel pins?

Soft enamel pins are a type of lapel pin that features a design with recessed areas filled with colored enamel paint. The term “soft” refers to the texture of the enamel after it is baked and cooled. Soft enamel pins have a slightly raised metal outline around each colored section, creating a dimensional and textured appearance.

How to make hard enamel lapel pins

Create a mold of the design, etching it onto a metal plate or using a digital printing method. Apply enamel paint to each recessed area, ensuring it fills up to the metal surface. Allow the enamel to dry before polishing the pin to remove excess enamel and create a smooth surface.

Bake the pin to harden the enamel and achieve a glossy finish. Then, grind and buff the pin to ensure the enamel is level with the metal surface. 

Finally, attach a pin backing, such as a butterfly clutch or rubber clutch, to complete the hard enamel lapel pin. The result is a durable, high-quality pin with a polished appearance and vibrant colors.

What are your lapel pins made from?

We use a range of metals to produce our pins. The most popular kinds are made of brass, steel, and zinc. The base metal is determined by the type and form of pin.

What metal plating options do you offer for your pin?

We provide standard platings in gold, silver, and copper with every order. We also provide improved antique finishes that give your pins a worn appearance.

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