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Custom Navy Commendation Medal

The Navy Commendation Medal is a military decoration awarded by the United States Navy to recognize service members who have demonstrated outstanding achievement or meritorious service. This is a custom medal that symbolizes the hard work and dedication of Navy personnel serving their country.

To be eligible for the Navy Commendation Medal, service members must demonstrate outstanding performance of duty that exceeds the standard expectations for their rank or rank. They must also have achieved significant achievement or contributed to a specific project or operation that positively impacted the Navy’s mission. At the same time, the prerequisite is that service members must be of good standing and perform their duties with excellence.

Recipients of the Navy Commendation Medal are a group of individuals who have distinguished themselves in all areas of the Navy. They include officers, soldiers, and civilians who have made significant contributions to the Navy’s mission. The medal is generally awarded to sailors who demonstrate excellence in combat, leadership, technical expertise, community service, and other areas of service.

The Navy Commendation Medal is a symbol of excellence, achievement and devotion to duty. It is the Navy’s way of recognizing and honoring the contributions of its personnel and showing appreciation for their hard work and sacrifice. The medal is a source of pride for recipients and their families, and a reminder of Navy values and traditions.

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The Design and Symbolism of the Navy Medal of Commendation

The Navy Commendation Medal holds great significance in the U.S. Navy and represents recognition of exceptional service and meritorious achievement. In addition to its prestigious status, the medallion’s design incorporates various elements and symbols that convey deep meaning.


The Navy Commendation Medal features a vibrant blue and green ribbon that symbolizes the maritime environment and military identity of naval operations. These colors represent the colors of the vast ocean and the military, reflecting the Navy’s commitment to defending freedom and protecting the national interest.

Central device:


The center of the medal displays two crossed anchors, symbolizing naval heritage and the Navy’s core values of honor, loyalty and commitment. An anchor represents stability, safety, and the sailor’s dependence on his crew.

custom navy commendation medal


The eagle sits above the crossed anchors and embodies the principles of freedom, vigilance and strength. The eagle’s outstretched wings represent the navy’s influence and global influence, as well as its commitment to safeguarding national interests.


A laurel wreath around the eagle symbolizes honor, achievement and victory. It represents recognition of individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication and merit.

Additional equipment:

Star rating:

The Navy Commendation Medal can have one or more stars, denoting subsequent awards. Each star represents an additional act of bravery, outstanding service, or extraordinary achievement, which earns the recipient multiple accolades.

“V” type device:

In some cases, medals may feature a bronze “V”, symbolizing courage and heroism in battle. The emblem is intended to honor recipients who have demonstrated extraordinary courage and valor while actively participating in combat operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Navy Medal of Commendation

The Navy Commendation Medal is a prestigious honor awarded to individuals in the United States Navy who have demonstrated exceptional service, bravery and merit. As a symbol of recognition and achievement, it often raises questions from those curious about its standards, meaning and impact.

How is the Navy Commendation Medal awarded?

The Navy Commendation Medal is awarded to individuals who have excelled and gone above and beyond the call of duty. It is usually awarded for sustained acts of meritorious service, combat valor, leadership, or significant contribution to the Navy’s mission.

Who is eligible for the Navy Commendation Medal?

The Navy Commendation Medal is available to active duty members of the U.S. Navy, Naval Reserve, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Civilians, including contractors, may also be eligible if they make a significant contribution to naval operations. The award can be given to officers and enlisted men.

How is the Medal of Commendation of the Navy different from other military awards?

The Navy Commendation Medal is specially issued by the Navy, and other services have their own Commendation Medals. Recognition Medal criteria and eligibility requirements may vary slightly for each branch, but they all recognize exceptional service and achievement within the respective branch.

Can one person earn more than one Navy Commendation Medal?

Yes, individuals may receive multiple Navy Commendation Medals for different distinguished service or achievements. Each subsequent award is usually indicated by an additional star on the medal ribbon, denoting additional acts of bravery or merit.

What is the significance of the Navy Medal of Commendation?

The Navy Commendation Medal is highly prestigious within the Navy and recognizes outstanding dedication, leadership and achievement. It can positively impact a recipient’s career opportunities, demonstrate their commitment, and boost morale in their department.

Who approves the award of the Navy Medal of Commendation?

The Navy Commendation Medal is approved and awarded by the Commanding Officer of the Navy or higher. The selection process includes careful review of an individual’s service record, recommendations and supporting documentation.

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