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Korea Medal

Korean medals occupy a special place in the world of custom commemorative honors, representing a deep-rooted tradition of recognition and appreciation. These unique marks of honor are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding courage, dedication and contribution.

The word “custom” is an integral part of the world of Korean medals. Unlike mass-produced honors, these custom medals are carefully designed and customized to celebrate a specific act of bravery, service or achievement. This bespoke approach ensures that each medal uniquely represents the recipient’s extraordinary efforts, reflecting an individual’s journey and commitment.

korea medal
korea medals

Discover the Excellence Awarded by Korea's Prestigious Medal

The National Flag Medal is one of the most prestigious decorations in South Korea. The award recognizes outstanding military leadership and contributions to national defense. The medal honors those who have demonstrated extraordinary valor on the battlefield in defense of their homes and citizens.

The Order of Cultural Merit shifts the focus to cultural contributions and recognizes individuals who have greatly enriched Korea’s cultural heritage. The medal is a testament to the strength of artistic expression, literary and intellectual achievement. Laureates often devote their lives to improving the cultural level of the country.

For outstanding contributions outside the military and cultural spheres, the Civil Merit Medal takes center stage.

Different Types Of Custom Medals

In the realm of recognition and celebration, few symbols hold as much significance as custom medals. These timeless keepsakes serve as tangible reminders of achievement, honor, and dedication. When individuals or organizations seek to honor exceptional accomplishments, they turn to the craftsmanship of Custom Medals and Pins, a renowned leader in creating bespoke medals for every occasion.

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A Guide to Collecting and Preserving Korean Medals

Preserving the history behind each Korean medal is as important as protecting the medals themselves. Documenting provenance—the history of ownership and any associated stories—can add layers of meaning to your collection. Over time, these narratives enrich the background of the medallions and offer insights into the lives they touch.

To maintain the integrity of the Korean medal collection, proper storage and display are critical. Medals should be stored in a controlled environment with stable temperature and humidity to prevent degradation. Acid-free storage materials, such as archival-quality boxes and folders, should be used to prevent deterioration over time.

When handling Korean medals, care must be taken to avoid physical damage. Always use clean, dry hands to avoid transferring oil and moisture to the medal. Holding the medal by its edge or using soft, lint-free gloves can minimize the risk of scratches and tarnishing.

If your Korean medal needs restoration or conservation, it is vital to seek the services of a professional with experience in handling historical artifacts. Attempting to repair without proper expertise can inadvertently cause irreversible damage.

Amazing Upgrade Options

3D Medals

3D Medals

Bottle Opener Medals

Bottle Opener Medals

Cut-out Medals

Cut Out Medals

Epoxy Dome Medals

Epoxy Dome Medals

Glitter Medals

Glitter Medals

Glow in the Dark Medals

Glow in the Dark

Rhinestone Medals

Rhinestone Medals

Spinner Medals

Spinner Medals

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my order?

Production Time: 12 -14days
Shipping: 4 -7days

I'm not a very good artist, can you design something for me?

Certainly! I can assist you in creating a design or providing guidance to help you achieve your desired outcome. 

To get started, please provide me with some details about what you have in mind. Let me know the purpose of the design, any specific elements or concepts you’d like to incorporate, color preferences, and any other relevant information. 

The more details you can provide, the better I can assist you in creating a design that meets your needs.

Does the medal come with a neck ribbon?

Yes, medals are often accompanied by a neck ribbon or lanyard, which allows them to be worn around the neck. The neck ribbon is typically made of a durable fabric material, such as satin or grosgrain, and is attached to the medal itself through a loop or a small ring.

The color and design of the neck ribbon can vary depending on the purpose and the organization or event associated with the medal. Common colors for neck ribbons include solid colors such as red, blue, or white, as well as multi-colored or patterned ribbons that align with the branding or theme of the event or organization.

If you are planning to have custom medals made, you can often choose the color and design of the neck ribbon to match your specific requirements.

What is the material of the medal?

Depending on the objective, financial constraints, and intended aesthetics, many materials can be used to create medals. Following are some typical materials for medals:

  • Zinc alloys: A variety of metal alloys, including brass, bronze, or zinc, are frequently used to create medals. These components provide sturdiness, weight, and a high-end feel.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is renowned for its affordability, corrosion resistance, and strength. It is polishable to provide a smooth, reflective surface.
  • Precious metals: Metals like gold or silver may be used to create prominent or expensive medals. Although these materials might greatly raise the price, they do add a feeling of exclusivity and elegance.

Budget, intended purpose, and desired aesthetic appeal are just a few examples of the variables that influence material selection. To choose the best material for your medal design, take into account these criteria and your unique requirements.

Can I put extra text on or around my submitted logo?

Yes, you can put extra text on or around your submitted logo if you wish to do so. Adding text can provide additional context, a tagline, or any other relevant information that complements your logo design.

However, it’s important to consider a few factors to ensure the text doesn’t detract from the overall impact and legibility of the logo.

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