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How to put enamel pins on backpack

Enamel pins have become a popular way to personalize and accessorize bags, clothing, and other accessories. They’re a great way to show off your style, interests, and support for different causes or organizations. Whether you’re an avid collector or just starting out, putting enamel pins on a backpack is a simple and fun way to add a touch of personality to your gear.

In this article, Custom Medals And Pins will cover everything you need to know about putting enamel pins on a backpack, including what to look for when shopping for pins, how to arrange them for the best look, and tips for keeping them secure.

How to put enamel pins on backpack

What to Look for When Shopping for Enamel Pins

When shopping for enamel pins, look for pins with high-quality materials, such as hard enamel or metal plating, and secure locking mechanisms, such as butterfly clutches or rubber backs. This will help ensure that the pins last a long time and stay in place on your backpack.

It’s also a good idea to consider the size and weight of the pins, especially if you plan on displaying multiple pins on your backpack. Larger and heavier pins may put more stress on the backpack material, causing it to stretch or tear over time.

Additionally, consider the design and colors of the pins. When selecting pins, think about what you want to convey with your backpack and choose pins that reflect your personality, interests, and style.

How to Put Enamel Pins on a Backpack

  • To put enamel pins  on a backpack, follow these steps:
  • Clean the surface of the backpack where you want to place the pins. This will ensure a better grip and prevent the pins from falling off.
  • Open the pin backs, place the pins in the desired location, and close the backs to secure them.
  • If the pins don’t seem secure enough, you can use a drop of glue on the back of each pin to hold them in place. Allow the glue to dry completely before using the backpack.
  • To prevent damage to the pins and backpack, avoid excessive twisting or bending of the pins.
  • Note: It’s best to avoid putting pins on delicate or fragile materials, such as thin leather or nylon, as they may tear or become damaged over time.

Arranging Enamel Pins for the Best Look

Another way to display enamel pins is by arranging them in a specific pattern or design on your backpack. This allows you to create a more customized look and showcase multiple pins at once.

When arranging your pins, consider the colors, shapes, and themes of the pins, and how they work together. You can create a visually appealing composition by alternating large and small pins, or by grouping similar pins together.

When it comes to placement, you can choose to display your pins on one side of your backpack, or on both sides for a balanced look. You can also place pins on the straps, the front, or the back of your backpack.

Tips for Keeping Enamel Pins Secure

Here are a few tips to make sure your enamel pins stay in place on your backpack:

Avoid placing pins in high-friction areas, such as near zippers or straps, as they may get caught and become damaged.

Store your backpack carefully, avoiding crushing or excessive pressure on the pins.

Consider using a pin-friendly backpack material, such as denim or canvas, to reduce the risk of damaging the pins or the backpack.

If you have multiple pins, stagger their placement so they don’t

overlap and put too much pressure on one area of the backpack.

Consider using a pin protector sheet or piece of felt to place between the pins and the backpack material. This will help prevent scratches and protect both the pins and the backpack.


When washing your backpack, be careful not to damage the pins or get the pins wet, as this can cause the metal to rust or the enamel to chip.

If you’re traveling with your backpack, consider wrapping the pins in a soft cloth to prevent them from getting damaged in transit.

In conclusion, putting enamel pins on a backpack is a creative and personal way to express yourself. Whether you’re an avid collector or just starting out, it’s important to choose pins with high-quality materials, secure locking mechanisms, and a design that reflects your personality.

When arranging your pins, consider the colors, shapes, and themes of the pins, and how they work together. With a few tips for keeping your pins secure, you can create a unique and stylish backpack that’s sure to stand out. So, have fun with your enamel pins, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

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