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How To Mail Enamel Pins?

1.Can I send an enamel pin in an envelope?

Depending on weight and distance from the drop-off address, you may be able to send your pins using an envelope through ordinary mail starting at $1.50 for local areas. First class shipping offers the greatest regular delivery since it uses safer practices including requiring a signature.


2.Can I send enamel pins through mail?

(1)Attach the pins’ backs, and then preferably place them in a compact baggie. Note: Before attaching the pins’ backs, you might want to pin the pins to a piece of cardboard or foam if you are sending a big pin or multiple pins.

(2)Use bubble wrap to wrap once or twice, depending on thickness.

(3)Put inside padded mailer.


3.How do I pack and ship enamel pins?

Are you debating which packaging would be ideal for your pins? It can be difficult to decide because there are so many options available.

Don’t waste any more time debating. I’ll discuss the best enamel pin packaging alternatives in this article. Let’s get going.


-1. Individual Backing Card

Using unique backing cards is one of the most frequent strategies to upgrade your packing. Use your personalized backing card as a pin sales page.

An extension of your pin and brand should be reflected in your backing card.

Utilize the supporting card to draw in clients. Your customer should remember you as a result of your backing card.

On the card, include your logo and contact details. Your customers will have the means to engage with you and remember you as a result.


-2. Utilize unique shapes

The majority of pin alternatives employ the standard square or circular backing card.

Creating unique shapes for your pin is a terrific approach to stand apart. You can gain an advantage and attract more clients by making even the slightest adjustments to your pin.

Making your backing card’s form mimic that of your pin is a fantastic technique to achieve this.

If your cutout enamel pin is shaped like a diamond, for instance, utilize that design for your backing card as well.

The design of the backing card can also be improved or expanded upon by using a custom-shaped backing card.

For instance, you could make your backdrop card look like a flame if you had a pin of a fire Pokémon.


-3. Protective Wrapper or Bag

Pins are frequently packaged in bags, which is another popular method. You can seal them in a wrapper with a cardboard display at the top rather than using a backing card.

This is a simple and affordable way to package your pins. A bag or wrapper can also be used to securely package a lot of pins.

Make sure your pins are securely fastened within wrappers or bags before using them to prevent excessive movement. After shipping, too much movement may result in damage.


-4. Premium Packaging

You might choose to package your pins in a more opulent and sophisticated way.

Most producers offer a select few premium packaging options.


These consist of:

Velvet Jewelry Box, Clear Top Jewelry Box, and Velvet Pouch

Your pins will feel more prestigious if they are packaged in high-end packaging. Presenting limited editor pins or other promotional pins in this manner is wonderful.

Your pins will appear more polished and professional in premium packaging.

Make use of folders until it is opened and the buyer can see it, keep your pin hidden. If you want to include more information on the package, this kind of packaging is ideal.

It is expandable, and when it is folded into a card, it keeps its small size.

These are excellent for recognition or promotional events.

Before your audience sees your pin, you may captivate them with a narrative using the folder packaging.


-5. Create limited-edition merchandise.

One effective strategy for luring clients is to produce limited edition backing. You can personalize your pins for each person by producing limited edition backing.

For certain states or events, for instance, you may make your own backing cards.

This is a fantastic method to improve the experience for your clients. You can give the impression that you have multiple things with just one pin.

Additionally, you can utilize limited-edition backings to make certain pins in your collection stand out.


-6. Making Bundles

Put your enamel pins in a bundle to make a distinctive package.

Put two pins on a single backing card to do this. This is a fantastic approach to make your products more valuable.

If you have pins that can be categorized into a single theme, this is very beneficial.

To assemble packaging with a theme and tie the pins together, use bundles.


-7.Boxes for presentations

Similar to bundle packaging, presentation boxes are packaged in a box.

Presentation boxes are sophisticated and expert. To further enhance your items, you can design unique display boxes.

Pins can be presented in groups according to themes or fashions.

Additionally, personalized selections of your pins can be offered in presentation boxes.


-8. Individual Inserts

Custom inserts are a fantastic way to give your items a unique touch, and they have the advantage of not requiring you to change the packaging of your products.

They can be included in the original packaging. You can include the personalized insert in your shipping package if you’re sending your goods.

Custom inserts are frequently used for thank-you notes, discount codes, personalized remarks, and information about your business.


4.How long does enamel pin production take?

The lead periods for all enamel pins, die-struck pins, and die-cast pins are 2-4 weeks. However, they can be changed based on the other parameters listed below. Therefore, please inquire.

2-4 weeks is most definitely not enough time because the bulk of customers need their customised pins straight immediately. The good news is that there is always a way to expedite the procedure, if that is what is required.

Your personalized pins will arrive in a certain amount of time depending on the kind of pin, quantity, complexity, colors, and factory.

The first thing you need to understand is that the majority of websites list manufacture time rather than delivery time. There is a difference. Production time does not include the time needed to transport and distribute the pins; it only includes the time needed to make the pin.

As a result, if 10 manufacturing days are mentioned, the delivery time is not included. Here, production is key.

The lead periods for all enamel pins, die-struck pins, and die-cast pins are 2-4 weeks. However, they can be changed based on the other parameters listed below. Therefore, please inquire.

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