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how to display enamel pins

  1. A banner with enamel pins for hanging on the wall.

This tiny banner, which is created in the USA and is about the size of an A4 sheet of paper, is composed of a few tiny birch wood planks and a canvas that has 10 constellations printed on it. It can be exhibited by being hung from a nail. The 8 x 9 inch display area of the enamel pin organizer makes it ideal for buttons, brooches, badges, coins, medals, and earrings. The goods is supplied in a nice gift-worthy box.


  1. Wall banner with enamel pins

This one can last a lifetime because it is constructed of sturdy natural cotton that can withstand use.

You can use this blank pennant to display buttons, medals, earrings, as well as your collection of lapel pins, by customizing it in your own style.


  1. Collectibles Wall Banner That Hangs Acrylic Pins

This pin display holder is robust, long-lasting, double-felted, and big enough to display up to 108 pins. You can hang it on your closet bar, a rear door, a wall as decoration, or anywhere else you like.

This, which is also known as a brooch storage organizer, is excellent for collections of medals, badges, and buttons.


  1. A hanging organizer for brooch pins


The only difference between this one and the one before is that this one is black and a little bit shorter. Both are constructed of double felt. It is 21.65 x 12.20 inches in size.

Up to 96 enamel pins or brooches can be held on its canvas. Excellent for displaying your pin stock in your store or hanging it as decoration on a wall in your home.


  1. A miniature circular enamel pin display holder

For exhibiting jewelry such as earrings, charms, rings, or a small pin collection, use this pin display board with stars.

Its black leather-like canvas that glitters and sparkles can also be utilized to display or store patches, emblems, coins, or even hair clips or other accessories.


6.Case for collecting rectangular pins

Due to the angle of the photograph, you might not be able to see it, but this lapel pin collectors box has a door with a clear plastic cap that is easily accessible from the front. Additionally, a compartment for your pin clutches is located in the bottom. Depending on their size, the area where you can display your pins can hold up to 100 little pins or 40–50 large pins. This product is American-made and is built of durable, high-quality materials that will last a lifetime.

Additionally, the felt-covered back of this classy pin display board includes a useful magnetic closure.

Consider all the Pin Board concepts you can use with it.


  1. 12″ x 12″ 4 Pack Cork Bulletin Board

Clearly, these cork boards weren’t designed to hold merely pins because they can be used for a variety of purposes, including task organization, project workflow, picture display, and simple note-taking. They can also be utilized to show off your burgeoning collection of lapel pins.


  1. Shadow Box Frame with Pin Display Case

Unbelievably, this tiny pin display case’s frame is constructed of New Zealand wood. It has a felt-covered pad on the front where you may pin your brooches, a glass screen, and a magnetic closure.

Up to 50 small enamel pins or roughly 25 large ones can be displayed within.


  1. Cabinet Display Case for Lapel Pins

You can store 100 lapel pins or even more with this wall rack pins holder (depending on the size of the pins). Similar to the other examples above, it has a wood frame and a “pinnable” background for attaching pins, medals, ribbons, or buttons. However, this one differs from the others in that it has Brass Hinges with Lockable Latches and Keys.


  1. 8 x 10 inch shadow box frame with linen back

Finally, but certainly not least, we must introduce this sophisticated yet incredibly simple scenario. The frame is constructed from solid pine. To safeguard the interior things you want to display, it has an acrylic screen at the front.

The item itself is intended for use in memorabilia displays (photos, awards, medals, medallions). However, purchasing one of them can be a smart move if you have a fantastic pin collection.

The magnetic door is the last distinctive feature that distinguishes this box from others.

It can function admirably as a housing for a single pin.

The wearing of enamel pins has become increasingly popular over the past ten years, and everyone from politicians to celebrities chooses to flaunt them to make a statement, whether they are endorsing a universal cause or merely showcasing a new fashion trend. Even though they might appear to be a recent invention, enamel pins have been around since 1271 AD, when warriors were the only ones who wore them during combat.

Enamel pins are a fantastic way to show others what you stand for, whether you want to wear them to promote your favorite sports team or a global cause. Let’s look at the 15 fascinating techniques and suggestions for displaying pins.


11.Dress Up a Lanyard


You can get a lanyard and add all the enamel pins you have on it. You can then wear it around your neck to show it off everywhere you go. The majority of millennials and teenagers use this very popular technique.


12 Attach them on corkboards.


You need something you can quickly pin your pins into, such a corkboard, to show your pins. The smooth surface of a corkboard makes it easy to grip pins without their slipping or falling out. This corkboard filled with pins can be put anyplace in your house.


  1. Start embroidering


You can take an embroidery hoop if you have one sitting around the home and choose the fabric you want to serve as the backdrop. You can then just pin all of your enamel pins on top of it to create your own own pin board.


  1. Apply a Scarf


If you have a lovely scarf that matches several outfits, you may use it as a base to hold all of your pins, allowing you to wear all of your favorite pins everywhere you go.

No. 5 Display Them on Earrings


You could already have an earring holder on your dresser, or you could just order one online. These days, jewelry displays come in tree shapes or with stands attached to them. You may create a pin display by simply placing all of your enamel pins on these displays.


15.Making a pin lamp

If you have at least a dozen enamel pins in your collection, putting them to lamp shades is another intriguing method to display them. Make sure the weight of the pins doesn’t cause the lamp shade to tilt.


16.Pin-Laden Bags


When you carry your bags around, people will recognize you as an enamel pin fan since you have a good collection of handbags and purses in addition to a large number of enamel pins.


17.Enamel pin cushions


It’s time to rethink pin cushions because their name contains the word “pin.” On smaller cushions, you might be able to affix a few of your favorite pins.


18.Putting them on mannequins


Do you have or believe you can readily obtain a mannequin or dress form? After that, overlay it with all of your available enamel pins.


19.Pin Banners

Most individuals have old community or college banners laying around that may be hung in the space and decorated with all the pins you have.


20.Pin Pennants


If you remember seeing one in your closet, just take it and fill it with pins since pin pennants are the newest social media fad. Alternately, you may just thread one using a simple online tutorial.


21.Old denim jackets


Glitter was once commonly used to ornament denim jackets, but now you can simply accessorize your worn-out denim jacket with different-sized and-shaped pins.

22.Felt Letter Boards


Felt letter boards are common on social media, but few people have utilized them to display their incredible pin collection.


23.Old Rolled Parchment


Do you recall the old, rolled parchment that you saw in most historical movies? One can be created at home, filled with pins, and hung on the wall for everyone to see.


24.Old Frames


The backside of most ancient frames is typically constructed of a substance that mimics corkboard, making it simple to attach pins to it and hang the frame on the wall or place it on a table.

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