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custom lapel pins

custom lapel pins

Why would you choose anything less? A one-stop shop called Custom Medals And Pins produces colorful, personalized lapel pins that are made to your needs. This suggests  you might purchase distinctive pins that are ideal for your company, group, or particular cause. Additionally, we provide fast delivery and inedibly inexpensive production costs. To put it another way, there isn’t a better location to get custom lapel pins, including pins for sale, award pins, military pins, formal pins, commemorative pins, achievement pins, decorative pins, and much more. We provide all commonly used pin types, including printed, die-struck, soft enamel, and hard enamel. We also offer rush production to meet your deadline. So don’t settle for less and order stunningly crafted pins from Custom Medals And Pins instead!

If you’re interested in creating custom enamel pins, there are many manufacturers out there that can help you bring your designs to life. These manufacturers specialize in creating high-quality enamel pins that are durable and long-lasting. 

You can work with the us to create a digital mockup of the pin. This will give you a better idea of how the finished product will look, and you can make any necessary adjustments before the pins are produced.

custom enamel pins are a fun and creative way to express yourself or promote your brand. With the help of an enamel pin manufacturer, you can create a unique and high-quality pin that is sure to stand out.

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Why Custom custom lapel pins ?

Compare us to the competition, and we’re confident you’ll see the excellent value we provide straight away. The ordering process is made simple at Custom Medals And Pins, and our highly responsive customer care team closely monitors your order to make sure you receive everything you want. You may also rely on Custom Medals And Pins for professional design and printing services that produce striking bespoke lapel pins that stand out and are the ultimate representation of you, your company, or your group. Custom Medals And Pins differs from other pin manufacturers in the following ways:

  • Design Creation – Using your drawing or directions, our gifted designers meticulously craft pins that look wonderful!
  • Expert Advice – Our team will walk you through the process and manufacture unique lapel pins for a variety of clientele, ensuring that you have a stress-free experience.
  • Unlimited Options – You can receive bespoke lapel pins that are ideal for what you have in mind from our wide range of materials and colors.
  • Low Price – You’ll be pleasantly pleased by our reasonable prices! We have established a reputation for offering great quality at reasonable prices. Call us right away to find out more.
lapel pins

Why Choose US

In the past 10 years, we have provided quality services and products to more than 10,000+ customers.

We specialize in producing enamel pins, badges, Key chains, Medals, Challenge Coins, Bottle openers, patches, and so on.

From the most original conception, design, and molding, we will provide customers with the most professional advice, so that the product can be mass-produced through the most ideal process. We only provide products that satisfy customers, no matter how many or small, and no matter how complicated the design is.

We will help you complete your work with the fastest speed and the most professional angle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a sort of personalized lapel pin, there are several things to take into account. The pin type that delivers the greatest value, for instance, may depend on your design and your intended use.
Use a hard enamel pin if you want to make a formal pin that will be presented to employees or given to people to recognize a particular accomplishment.
Use a soft enamel pin, whose textured surface will attract positive attention, if you want to sell your own lapel pins or make beautiful pins that demonstrate the wearer’s support for a certain cause.
Contact our customer support team for advice if you’re unsure of which pin type is best for you.

Up to 90% of all consumers who purchase pins today choose the soft enamel style, making it by far the most popular pin type. The major reason it is so well-liked is that it provides precise design at a reasonable price. More information on well-liked soft enamel pins is provided here:
These pins start out as a base of an iron or zinc alloy and are then filled with colored enamel. The finished pin has a textured, or grooved, surface with high and low parts that add depth and “artistic warmth” to the pattern.
It’s important to remember that all colors used in soft enamel pin designs must be solid, without any gradations or shading. Additionally, metal lines are used to divide the various colors. Additionally, this kind of pin can be made in bespoke shapes for no extra charge.

Hard Enamel Pins – While soft enamel pins are the most common kind of pin, hard enamel comes in second. The primary distinction between hard enamel and soft enamel pins is that the color of the hard enamel pin is filled all the way to the top of the mold before being polished flat.
In contrast to soft enamel pins, which have a surface that is rough or textured, hard enamel pins have a smooth, polished surface. Hard enamel pins are a wonderful option for customers looking for a more formal pin presentation, such as for achievement or award pins, due to their smooth surface.
Think of these two pin styles as having different personalities: hard enamel is a more serious pin, while soft enamel is a more playful pin.
One more thing: Due to the additional labor required to polish or smooth the surface, hard enamel pins are a little more expensive than soft enamel pins.
Soft and hard enamel pins are extremely similar, with the exception of surface and price variances. Custom shapes are also permitted for hard enamel pins at no additional cost, just like with soft enamel pins.

Printed Pins – This pin type is perfect for intricate designs that call for color gradations or shading. This kind of pin uses printing to create the design rather than filling a mold with enamel color. Compared to soft enamel or hard enamel pins, pins made by the printing technique have a lower perceived value but are extremely detailed. There are a few things to understand regarding printed pins:
To increase their endurance, they are often coated with an epoxy, and customers are free to request bespoke shapes.

The following plating choices are available for both our soft and hard enamel pins:

Soft Enamel: 

Bronze; Silver; Gold; Rose Gold; Copper;

Hard Enamel:

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, and Black Nickel 

If you’re not confident in your artistic abilities, just write down the steps you want our design team to take. Our design staff will be pleased to create a design for you if you have no design ideas at all. To make sure you get exactly what you need, we will email you a sample so you may make adjustments or comments. Rest assured that we won’t start making your pins until you give your approval to the design

We highly recommend you to order more than 25 pcs, which will make your pins cheaper.


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