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Custom Blank Lapel Pins

Personalized blank lapel pins are a wonderful way to add style. Our metal and custom lapel pin options are a surefire method to boost sales at your business. Custom enamel pins can be a fun way to dress up an outfit or express political, religious, or school spirit, so consider offering them to your customers.

Blank lapel pins refer to plain, unadorned pins that have not yet been custom printed or decorated with any designs or logos. They are typically made of metal, such as iron or brass, and can be shaped into various forms or styles. They are commonly used as a blank canvas for custom designs and can be printed, stamped, or enameled with custom logos or artwork.

By working with the best enamel pins manufacturer, you can create a unique and memorable pin that is sure to make an impact.

custom blank lapel pin
blank lapel pin

Why Custom Blank Lapel Pins ?

These empty lapel pins can be used to make bracelets, necklaces, and other types of jewelry. All types of apparel, such as shirts, sweaters, coats, backpacks, and purses, can be accessorized with these blank lapel pins.

  • Identity: Custom lapel pins can help create a strong visual identity for an organization, club, or event, which can help to build brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Recognition: Custom lapel pins can be used as a form of recognition for employees, volunteers, or members of an organization. They can commemorate milestones, achievements, or special events.
  • Creativity: Custom lapel pins allow for complete creative freedom and the ability to create truly unique items. They can be designed to suit personal style, match a particular theme, or commemorate a special event.

Different Types of Lapel Pins

Enamel pins are a fun and creative way to express your personality and interests. Custom Medals and Pins is a leading manufacturer of enamel pins series, offering a wide variety of designs and themes to choose from.

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Soft Enamel Pins Cost

100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
0.75" $2.81 $1.73 $1.26 $1.05 $0.96 $0.92 $0.82 $0.69 $0.60 $0.49
1" $2.24 $1.73 $1.33 $1.09 $1.00 $0.94 $0.84 $0.71 $0.63 $0.54
1.25" $2.30 $1.90 $1.42 $1.14 $1.04 $0.97 $0.89 $0.76 $0.67 $0.56
1.5" $2.44 $2.07 $1.67 $1.23 $1.12 $1.06 $0.95 $0.82 $0.75 $0.61
1.75" $2.71 $2.29 $1.88 $1.46 $1.34 $1.28 $1.20 $1.05 $0.95 $0.87
2" $2.88 $2.46 $2.05 $1.62 $1.51 $1.45 $1.36 $1.22 $1.11 $1.03

Upgrade Crafts Of Enamel Pins

Glitter Enamel

Glitter Enamel





Glow in Dark Enamel

Glow in Dark Enamel







Transparent Enamel

Transparent Enamel

Plating Options




Nickel Plating


Sliver Plating


Antique Gold


Antique Nickel


Antique Silver


Antique Copper

Antique- bronze

Antique Bronze


Copper Plating

Options & Accessories


Butterfly Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Deluxe Clutch

Deluxe Clutch




Safety Pin


Poly Bag

Backer Card

Backer Card


Plastic Box

velvet box

Velvet Box


Velvet Bag

Blank Lapel Pins In Popularity!

Our Manufacturer offers enticing prices and discounts on beautiful and exceptional blank lapel pins for a variety of decorative and gift uses. These robust and astounding collections of blank lapel pins include a wide variety of unique artifacts and sculptures that may be used for both indoor and outdoor decorations. These amazing sculptures and figures on these blank lapel pins are beautifully crafted, display beautiful craftsmanship, and perfectly redecorate your décor.

In order to complement your indoor or outdoor decor, Custom Medals And Pins offers a broad selection of blank lapel pins that are gorgeous and obtainable in a range of colors, sizes, forms, designs, figures, and material qualities. These well-preserved blank lapel pins can be entirely altered to match your tastes, requirements, and style. Additionally, these blank lapel pins are fantastic gifts for your loved ones and wonderful mementos.

From the wide selection of blank lapel pins, you may choose the items that best suit your needs and price range.

Blank lapel pins are often used as promotional items or as a way to display organizational affiliations, such as membership in a club or organization. They can also be used as recognition items, given to employees or volunteers to commemorate milestones or achievements. In addition, they can be collected as a hobby, with many people collecting lapel pins from various events or locations.

Blank lapel pins can also be used for creative projects, such as making your custom pins for personal use or sale. With a blank lapel pin and some imagination, you can create unique designs, logos, or illustrations and turn them into custom pins. This allows for complete creative freedom and the ability to create truly one-of-a-kind items.

enamel pin
lapel Pin Display
Animal pins
Kawaii Enamel Pins
enamel pins

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make soft enamel lapel pins

To create soft enamel lapel pins, begin by designing your desired artwork. Once the design is ready, a mold is made by etching the design onto a metal plate. The metal base, usually brass or copper, is then cut into the desired shape and plated with finishes like gold, silver, or nickel. 

Next, each recessed area of the design is filled with enamel paint, using a small brush or syringe. Afterward, the pin is baked to cure and solidify the enamel. Once cooled, the pin undergoes a polishing process to create a smooth surface and enhance its visual appeal. 

A pin backing or fastener is attached to the back, and a thorough quality check ensures a flawless outcome. The result is a soft enamel lapel pin with vibrant colors, textured details, and a professional finish.

What are soft enamel pins?

Soft enamel pins are a type of lapel pin that features a design with recessed areas filled with colored enamel paint. The term “soft” refers to the texture of the enamel after it is baked and cooled. Soft enamel pins have a slightly raised metal outline around each colored section, creating a dimensional and textured appearance.

How to make hard enamel lapel pins

Create a mold of the design, etching it onto a metal plate or using a digital printing method. Apply enamel paint to each recessed area, ensuring it fills up to the metal surface. Allow the enamel to dry before polishing the pin to remove excess enamel and create a smooth surface.

Bake the pin to harden the enamel and achieve a glossy finish. Then, grind and buff the pin to ensure the enamel is level with the metal surface. 

Finally, attach a pin backing, such as a butterfly clutch or rubber clutch, to complete the hard enamel lapel pin. The result is a durable, high-quality pin with a polished appearance and vibrant colors.

What are your lapel pins made from?

We use a range of metals to produce our pins. The most popular kinds are made of brass, steel, and zinc. The base metal is determined by the type and form of pin.

What metal plating options do you offer for your pin?

We provide standard platings in gold, silver, and copper with every order. We also provide improved antique finishes that give your pins a worn appearance.

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