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Army patches are pretty cool because they’re like a history lesson you can wear on your sleeve. Back in the day, when armies were still figuring out who’s who on the battlefield, they came up with these patches and enamel pins to tell friends from foes. The whole idea of modern Army patches and enamel pins got rolling with the British Army in the late 1800s. During the Crimean War, those British regiments got creative and started sewing these patches and enamel pins to their uniforms.

These patches and enamel pins are not just for show; they’re like secret codes that tell a story. They mix things like colors, shapes, and pictures to send a message. For instance, an eagle on a patch means they’re all about strength and freedom, and a sword? Well, that’s a symbol of military might. They also use colors to say stuff like red for courage, blue for loyalty, and gold for honor. So, it’s not just a piece of cloth; it’s like a whole language of its own!

army patches
army patch

Design Elements and Symbolism in the Army Patch

WW2 Army Patch: Honoring a Legendary Legacy

World War II Army patches are of immense historical importance and often evoke nostalgia. These badges reflect the different units that fought during the war and commemorate their heroic contributions.

Military Jacket With Patches: Personalize Your Identity

Military jackets with patches have become a popular fashion trend not only among military personnel but also among civilians. These jackets showcase a unique blend of personal expression and military pride. Soldiers often had patches on their jackets representing their unit, deployment, achievement or personal motto.

Military Velcro Patches: Versatility and Adaptability

In recent years, Army Velcro patches have gained popularity for their practicality and versatility. These custom patches feature a hook and loop fastening system that allows for easy installation and removal on uniforms, gear or bags.

Different Types Of Army Patches

Army patches are iconic symbols that represent the dedication, honor, and camaraderie of military units. These patches not only signify the service and sacrifice of the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces but also embody the values and ethos of their respective units. 

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All custom patches pricing include:

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  • Free Artwork
  • Fast Delivery
  • Any shape or size

Embroidery Coverage Pricing

The cost of our personalized patches depends on how much embroidery is used to cover the patch. Typically, we provide embroidered patches with 50%, 75%, and 100% coverage.

50% Coverage

50% Coverage

75% Coverage

75% Coverage

100% Coverage

100% Coverage

Patches Cost

Pricing includes everything except taxes – even expedited shipping. No hidden fees.

50% Coverage
12 25 50 100 200 300 500 1000 2000
2" $5.562 $2.727 $1.404 $1.098 $0.657 $0.576 $0.468 $0.405 $0.3645
2.5" $7.164 $3.465 $1.773 $1.26 $0.846 $0.729 $0.612 $0.513 $0.4617
3" $8.487 $4.095 $2.088 $1.458 $0.972 $0.909 $0.747 $0.522 $0.4698
3.5" $11.871 $5.706 $2.898 $1.647 $1.215 $1.152 $0.909 $0.657 $0.5913
4" $13.086 $6.336 $3.195 $1.863 $1.341 $1.233 $1.053 $0.819 $0.7371
4.5" $15.696 $7.542 $3.816 $2.232 $1.539 $1.467 $1.197 $0.936 $0.8424
5" $17.595 $8.46 $4.275 $2.457 $1.953 $1.701 $1.296 $1.098 $0.9882
5.5" $21.78 $10.449 $5.283 $2.988 $2.178 $1.827 $1.548 $1.341 $1.2069
6" $25.272 $12.114 $6.138 $3.411 $2.718 $2.385 $2.034 $1.899 $1.7091
6.5" $28.485 $13.635 $6.894 $3.834 $3.114 $2.817 $2.178 $2.043 $1.8387
7" $32.616 $15.633 $7.893 $4.68 $3.789 $3.474 $2.934 $2.637 $2.3733
75% Coverage
12 25 50 100 200 300 500 1000 2000
2" $5.832 $2.844 $1.458 $1.206 $0.729 $0.63 $0.522 $0.45 $0.405
2.5" $7.38 $3.528 $1.818 $1.368 $0.945 $0.801 $0.675 $0.567 $0.531
3" $9.036 $4.347 $2.223 $1.593 $1.08 $0.999 $0.819 $0.567 $0.549
3.5" $12.195 $5.859 $2.988 $1.809 $1.35 $1.269 $0.999 $0.729 $0.693
4" $14.868 $7.155 $3.627 $2.043 $1.476 $1.359 $1.161 $0.909 $0.873
4.5" $17.244 $8.289 $4.203 $2.376 $1.71 $1.62 $1.323 $1.026 $0.963
5" $19.584 $9.396 $4.761 $2.709 $2.16 $1.89 $1.431 $1.206 $1.125
5.5" $22.905 $10.962 $5.562 $3.267 $2.403 $2.016 $1.719 $1.476 $1.395
6" $26.856 $12.924 $6.516 $3.753 $3.015 $2.637 $2.25 $2.115 $2.025
6.5" $29.835 $14.301 $7.218 $4.221 $3.438 $3.132 $2.403 $2.259 $2.178
7" $33.165 $15.894 $8.01 $5.238 $4.212 $3.852 $3.258 $2.925 $2.754
100% Coverage
12 25 50 100 200 300 500 1000 2000
2" $6.165 $2.979 $1.539 $1.305 $0.783 $0.702 $0.567 $0.486 $0.45
2.5" $7.515 $3.573 $1.863 $1.485 $1.035 $0.882 $0.747 $0.612 $0.576
3" $10.953 $5.238 $2.691 $1.728 $1.179 $1.098 $0.9 $0.612 $0.594
3.5" $13.635 $6.525 $3.33 $1.962 $1.476 $1.386 $1.098 $0.783 $0.756
4" $15.174 $7.245 $3.699 $2.223 $1.629 $1.494 $1.278 $0.99 $0.945
4.5" $18.216 $8.757 $4.455 $2.673 $1.881 $1.773 $1.458 $1.125 $1.053
5" $20.016 $9.576 $4.869 $2.979 $2.367 $2.07 $1.566 $1.314 $1.233
5.5" $26.685 $12.762 $6.102 $3.591 $2.637 $2.214 $1.89 $1.629 $1.53
6" $28.458 $13.626 $6.885 $4.068 $3.312 $2.898 $2.466 $2.331 $2.223
6.5" $32.913 $15.777 $7.965 $4.617 $3.789 $3.438 $2.637 $2.475 $2.385
7" $35.739 $17.136 $8.64 $5.679 $4.626 $4.23 $3.582 $3.222 $3.033

Price includes up to nine standard embroidery colors.

On the rare occasion that your job requires more than nine colors, each additional color is 6 cents per color.

For metallic threads, add 15% to the base price per patch.

Dye Sublimation Prices

We provide a method known as dye sublimation because we are aware that some patches require a great deal of detail. Thread is used to embroider and weave patches; some elaborate designs cannot be produced as cleanly as we’d like. By using specific dyes that bind to the fabric molecules in our dye sublimation process, we can produce printed patches with fine details that are almost photographic in clarity. Pricing for custom patches is given on a case-by-case basis and will be finished upon request.

Options & Accessories

iron on

Iron on



hook and loop

Hook And Loop

paper backing

Paper Backing



sew on

Sew On

How to Wear an Army Patch Properly?

Wearing an army patch might seem simple at first, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. These patches hold deep significance and are more than just pieces of cloth; they are a symbol of pride and history. 

First things first, let’s get to know the star of the show – the army patch. An army patch is a visual representation of an army unit’s history, achievements, and camaraderie. These patches have their roots in military history, dating back to the early days when they were used to distinguish friends from foes on the battlefield. While the history of army patches is fascinating, we won’t delve too deep into it here.

What’s crucial is recognizing the significance of these patches. They embody the spirit of the unit, telling its story, and serving as a symbol of honor and dedication. The design of an army patch often combines elements like color, shape, and imagery to convey specific meanings. For example, the eagle represents strength and freedom, while the sword symbolizes military prowess. Colors like red for courage, blue for loyalty, and gold for honor are commonly used to add extra layers of meaning to these patches.

Now, the big question: where and how should you wear your army patch? The answer varies depending on the uniform you’re donning. There are different rules and regulations for dress uniforms and combat uniforms, so let’s break it down.

For your dress uniform, the army patch is typically worn on the right sleeve, and it should be positioned one inch below the shoulder seam. The key here is precision – it should be centered and aligned horizontally. This is where the army patch shines in all its glory, displaying the unit’s identity and accomplishments.

On the combat uniform, things are a bit more flexible. The army patch can be placed on the Velcro loop patch area, either on the left or right sleeve, depending on the regulation of your unit. The crucial thing is that it remains visible and represents your unit’s pride.

  • Sewing or Velcro

When it comes to attaching your army patch, you have a couple of options: sewing or Velcro. Each has its pros and cons.

Sewing your patch is a traditional and secure method. It ensures that the patch stays in place, even during rigorous activities. However, sewing requires some skill, and if you’re not handy with a needle and thread, you might end up with a lopsided patch.

On the other hand, Velcro offers convenience. It allows you to switch out patches easily, which can be handy when you’re moving between different units or assignments. It’s a quick solution for those who prefer a bit of flexibility. Just make sure your patch is properly centered and aligned on the Velcro loop patch area.

  • Ironing and Maintenance

Patching up your uniform with an iron-on army patch can be an excellent choice, especially if you’re not the sewing type. To do this, place the patch in the desired position and carefully iron it on. Make sure to follow the instructions on the patch, as different patches may require varying heat and time settings. Proper care and maintenance are crucial to keeping your patch looking sharp. Always check the patch’s care instructions to prevent it from fraying or fading.

  • Displaying Multiple Patches

For some army enthusiasts, a single army patch just isn’t enough. Multiple patches can tell a more intricate story and showcase various units or special achievements.

The general rule is that you can display multiple patches on your uniform, but you must follow a logical arrangement. Usually, the highest-ranking patch goes at the top, and the others follow in descending order. Ensure that they are centered and aligned neatly, creating an organized and polished appearance. This allows you to honor all the units and experiences you’ve had throughout your military journey.

  • Personalization and Decorative Patches

While the official army patches represent your unit and achievements, personalization is also a common practice. Many soldiers like to add their own touch to their uniforms by incorporating personal or decorative patches. These patches could include family crests, slogans, or symbols that hold special meaning to the wearer.

When adding personal or decorative patches, be sure they do not overshadow or obscure the official army patch. Remember, the official patch is a representation of your commitment to your unit and the military, so it should remain the primary focus on your uniform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are patches durable and long-lasting?

The durability of patches depends on their quality, attachment method, and how they are cared for. Sewn patches generally offer the highest durability, while adhesive-backed patches may require periodic reinforcement or reattachment.

Can I customize my own patch design?

Customizing your own patch design is an exciting opportunity to add a personal touch to your clothing, accessories, or organizational emblems. With various tools and methods at your disposal, the possibilities for creating a unique and meaningful patch design are endless.
Whether you prefer to unleash your creativity using graphic design software like Photoshop or Illustrator, explore online platforms with customizable templates, or seek the expertise of embroidery digitizing services, the process offers a chance to bring your vision to life. By customizing your own patch design, you can showcase your individuality, promote a brand or cause, commemorate special events, or simply express your artistic flair. The journey of creating a personalized patch design allows you to craft something truly one-of-a-kind, and the end result can be proudly displayed and cherished.

Can you add patches to hats?

Yes, it is possible to add patches to hats. Adding patches is a common way to personalize or customize hats, giving them a unique and individualized look. Patches can be sewn or attached using various methods, depending on the type of hat and the patch itself.

What is the best type of patch for a hat?

The best type of patch for a hat depends on personal preference and style, with options including embroidered patches that are stitched onto a fabric base, iron-on patches with heat-activated adhesive, adhesive-backed patches that can be easily stuck onto the hat, and Velcro patches featuring hook and loop fasteners for easy attachment and removal, allowing for versatility with multiple patches or insignias.

However, the choice should consider the hat material, desired permanence of attachment, and personal taste, ensuring the patch size is suitable for the hat and the chosen attachment method aligns with the hat material’s compatibility, providing a seamless and visually appealing customization option to add personality and uniqueness to your hat.

What’s the difference between embroidered, woven, and dye sublimated patches?

By sewing several colored threads onto a backing fabric (sometimes referred to as twill), embroidered patches are made. The highest level of dimension is possible with embroidered patches. The process of making woven patches involves weaving together several colored flexible threads on a loom. By dyeing the patch cloth, dye sublimated patches are produced. To create a highly detailed image, we use dyes that form bonds with the fabric’s molecules. This is excellent for printed patches or photos.

Are patches machine washable?

It depends on the type of patch and its attachment method. Sewn patches generally withstand machine washing, while iron-on or adhesive patches may require more delicate washing or removal before washing.

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