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Custom Army Commendation Medal

The Army Commendation Medal is a big deal in the U.S. Army. It’s given to soldiers who do something amazing while serving their country.

The medal looks like a bronze coin with a sword and a wreath on the front. On the back, it has the United States Coat of Arms and says “For Military Merit.”

Getting this medal is like a pat on the back for a job well done in the army. It’s for soldiers who really shine and show dedication, professionalism, and love for their country and fellow soldiers.

To get this medal, you have to do something great in a non-combat role or not earn the Bronze Star. It can also be given for acts of bravery, even if they’re not super heroic.

Army Commendation Medal
custom Army Commendation Medal

History and Origin of the Army Commendation Medal

Establishment of the Army Commendation Medal:

The Army Commendation Medal was established by Department of the Army Circular 377 on December 18, 1945. Originally, its purpose was to honor the exploits of members of the Army during World War II. The medal was created to fill the gap between the Bronze Star, awarded for valor or meritorious service in combat, and the Army Good Conduct Medal, awarded for exemplary conduct and discharge of duty.

Evolution and Expansion:

Over time, the criteria for the Army Commendation Medal expanded beyond its original scope. In 1962, the medal was retroactively included to include those who served during the Korean War, honoring previously overlooked meritorious service. This expansion ensures that outstanding service and achievements in non-combat zones are properly recognized.

Design and Symbolism:

The Army Commendation Medal is a bronze octagonal medal with a raised border. The obverse depicts a Roman sword representing valor and achievement, flanked by a wreath on the left and right. The reverse shows the coat of arms of the United States, engraved with the words “For Military Merit”. The design of the medal symbolizes the honorable contributions and sacrifices made by the winners for the country.

Significance and Legacy:

The Army Commendation Medal has far-reaching significance in the military world. It recognizes the extraordinary dedication, meritorious service and outstanding achievements of Soldiers who have made significant contributions to the Army and its comrades. This award is a testament to the commitment and professionalism demonstrated by individuals in the discharge of their duties and upholding the values of the United States Army.

Custom Medals From Custom Medals And Pins

In the realm of recognition and celebration, few symbols hold as much significance as custom medals. These timeless keepsakes serve as tangible reminders of achievement, honor, and dedication. When individuals or organizations seek to honor exceptional accomplishments, they turn to the craftsmanship of Custom Medals and Pins, a renowned leader in creating bespoke medals for every occasion.

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Ordering Process for the Army Commendation Medal

Research and Selection:

Start by visiting the Custom Medals and Pins website to explore their offerings. Familiarize yourself with the various options available for customizing your Army Commendation Medal, such as design, material, and finish.

Medal Customization:

After selecting your Army Commendation Medal, use the site’s customization tool to customize the design to your specifications. This may include choosing medal shape, size, color and any other personalization elements.

Quantity and Pricing:

Determine the number of Army Medals you need and review the pricing information available on the website. Custom medals and badges usually offer competitive pricing based on the quantity ordered.

Contact and Communication:

Contact Custom Medals and Pins through their designated contact channels, which may include email, phone, or the contact form on their website. Initiate a communication to discuss your specific requirements, ask any questions, and clarify details about the ordering process.

Artwork and Proofreading:

After communicating your custom preferences, a custom medal and pin will create digital artwork or proof of your custom Army Commendation medal design. Double-check this proof to make sure it meets your expectations. Request any necessary revisions or approval of the design for production.

Place an Order and Pay:

After your design is finalized and approved, proceed to place your order. Custom medals and pins will provide instructions on submitting your order and making payment. Make sure you provide accurate shipping information and follow the site’s instructions to complete the payment process.

Production and Delivery:

Once your order is confirmed and payment received, Custom Medals and Pins will begin the process of creating your Army Commendation Medal. Production schedules may vary based on quantity ordered and other factors. Custom medals and pins will provide an estimated delivery date.

Receiving and Quality Check:

After receiving your Army Commendation Medal, please review your order carefully to ensure it meets your specifications. Inspect for any defects or discrepancies and contact Custom Medals and Pins immediately if you encounter any problems. Note that most reputable medal suppliers offer quality and customer satisfaction guarantees.

Army Commendation Medal: A Reflection of U.S. Army Values


Integrity is a cornerstone of the U.S. Army’s values and has strong resonance with the Army Commendation Medal. Recipients of the Medal demonstrate a strong commitment to duty and demonstrate honesty, honor and moral courage. Their actions consistently reflect the highest ethical standards, earning them the recognition they deserve.


The Army Commendation Medal embodies the spirit of service that drives the U.S. Army. It honors individuals who go beyond assigned tasks to selflessly dedicate themselves to their country and their comrades in arms. Recipients demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility and are willing to make sacrifices to ensure the success and well-being of their unit and the military as a whole.


The pursuit of excellence is ingrained in the U.S. Army, and the Army Commendation Medal recognizes those who consistently strive for excellence. Medal recipients have demonstrated outstanding performance, outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions in their respective positions. Their commitment to excellence inspires others and inspires the entire military to reach new heights.


Leadership is a fundamental value of the U.S. Army, and the Army Commendation Medal is commonly used to recognize those who demonstrate exceptional leadership. Whether leading a team, a unit or an entire organization, recipients demonstrate effective leadership through their ability to inspire, motivate and guide others to success. They exemplify the Army’s commitment to developing strong and capable leaders.


Courage is a hallmark of the U.S. Army, and it is closely associated with the Army Commendation Medal. Winners often display acts of courage or heroism not deserving of a higher award, but demonstrate extraordinary courage in the face of adversity. Whether overcoming personal challenges or taking calculated risks to protect and serve others, these men exemplify the Army’s spirit of courage.


The Army Commendation Medal recognizes the power of teamwork. Medal recipients understand the value of working together towards a common goal, and they consistently contribute to the success of their unit or team. They demonstrate effective communication, cooperation, and a willingness to support and elevate their comrades, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie within the Army.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my order?

Production Time: 12 -14days
Shipping: 4 -7days

I'm not a very good artist, can you design something for me?

Certainly! I can assist you in creating a design or providing guidance to help you achieve your desired outcome. 

To get started, please provide me with some details about what you have in mind. Let me know the purpose of the design, any specific elements or concepts you’d like to incorporate, color preferences, and any other relevant information. 

The more details you can provide, the better I can assist you in creating a design that meets your needs.

Does the medal come with a neck ribbon?

Yes, medals are often accompanied by a neck ribbon or lanyard, which allows them to be worn around the neck. The neck ribbon is typically made of a durable fabric material, such as satin or grosgrain, and is attached to the medal itself through a loop or a small ring.

The color and design of the neck ribbon can vary depending on the purpose and the organization or event associated with the medal. Common colors for neck ribbons include solid colors such as red, blue, or white, as well as multi-colored or patterned ribbons that align with the branding or theme of the event or organization.

If you are planning to have custom medals made, you can often choose the color and design of the neck ribbon to match your specific requirements.

What is the material of the medal?

Depending on the objective, financial constraints, and intended aesthetics, many materials can be used to create medals. Following are some typical materials for medals:

  • Zinc alloys: A variety of metal alloys, including brass, bronze, or zinc, are frequently used to create medals. These components provide sturdiness, weight, and a high-end feel.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is renowned for its affordability, corrosion resistance, and strength. It is polishable to provide a smooth, reflective surface.
  • Precious metals: Metals like gold or silver may be used to create prominent or expensive medals. Although these materials might greatly raise the price, they do add a feeling of exclusivity and elegance.

Budget, intended purpose, and desired aesthetic appeal are just a few examples of the variables that influence material selection. To choose the best material for your medal design, take into account these criteria and your unique requirements.

Can I put extra text on or around my submitted logo?

Yes, you can put extra text on or around your submitted logo if you wish to do so. Adding text can provide additional context, a tagline, or any other relevant information that complements your logo design.

However, it’s important to consider a few factors to ensure the text doesn’t detract from the overall impact and legibility of the logo.

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