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Custom Animal Pins

If you’re an animal lover, you know how to show your love for them in a variety of ways. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing a custom animal pin. Not only are these enamel pins custom a stylish accessory, but they also allow you to show your love for your favorite animals.

Custom animal pins are small custom pins that depict an animal or group of animals. They are usually made of enamel and metal and come in many shapes and sizes. Some animal pins feature realistic designs, while others have a more abstract style. The great thing about custom animal pins is that they can be made to look like any animal you want.

Custom animal pins are the perfect accessory for animal lovers. They allow you to express your love and appreciation for your favorite animals in a stylish and unique way. You can choose to wear them on lapels, hats, bags or even collars. They’re also a great way to start a conversation with other animal lovers. More than just a fashion statement, custom animal pins allow you to express your personality and interests through clever customization.

Animal pins
Custom Animal Pins

Types of Animal Pins

Animal pins are a popular accessory that feature a variety of animal shapes and images in their designs. These pins can be made from different materials such as enamel, metal, acrylic or wood, and can come in a variety of styles including cartoon, realistic, vintage or minimalist. These different designs all depend on your preferences. Animal pins can be worn on clothing, hats, bags or backpacks and will add a touch of personality and charm to any outfit.

Enamel animal pins

Enamel animal pins are made by applying a layer of enamel to a metal base. Enamel is a type of glass that fuses with metal at high temperatures to create a smooth and durable surface. Enamel animal pins are popular for their bright and bold colors, which can make animal designs stand out in a bunch of pins. These pins can come in all shapes and sizes, and some enamel animal pins may have additional elements such as glitter or gemstones.

Metal Animal Pins

Metal animal pins are made entirely of metal and can come in different finishes such as gold, silver or bronze. These pins can have intricate details and textures to make them look more realistic or three-dimensional. Metal animal pins may be heavier than other types of pins, but they’re also more durable, longer-lasting, and have a more premium feel.

Acrylic Animal Pins

Acrylic animal pins are made of a clear and lightweight plastic. Acrylic pins can be printed with different designs in bright and bold colors or understated and muted. Acrylic pins can come in many shapes and some may even have a holographic or iridescent effect. These pins are an affordable option for those looking for cute and stylish animal designs.

Wooden Animal Pins

Wooden animal pins are made from a specific wood that can be engraved or laser cut into different animal shapes. Wooden animal pins can have a natural, rustic look, and the wood grain can add texture and depth to the design. Wooden animal pins can also be painted in different colors, and some may even have burnt or carved details.

All of the above types of animal pins can be customized, you can choose your favorite design, material and backing that match the theme you need, so as to better meet your personal needs and thus get your own custom pin. Of course, you have to remember to stay within your budget.

Different Types of Animal Pins

Are you an animal lover looking for a unique way to express your passion for the animal kingdom? Custom animal pins are the perfect choice for you! These charming and customizable accessories allow you to showcase your favorite animals and spread awareness about the conservation and protection of wildlife in a stylish and eye-catching manner.

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Soft Enamel Pins Cost

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0.75" $2.81 $1.73 $1.26 $1.05 $0.96 $0.92 $0.82 $0.69 $0.60 $0.49
1" $2.24 $1.73 $1.33 $1.09 $1.00 $0.94 $0.84 $0.71 $0.63 $0.54
1.25" $2.30 $1.90 $1.42 $1.14 $1.04 $0.97 $0.89 $0.76 $0.67 $0.56
1.5" $2.44 $2.07 $1.67 $1.23 $1.12 $1.06 $0.95 $0.82 $0.75 $0.61
1.75" $2.71 $2.29 $1.88 $1.46 $1.34 $1.28 $1.20 $1.05 $0.95 $0.87
2" $2.88 $2.46 $2.05 $1.62 $1.51 $1.45 $1.36 $1.22 $1.11 $1.03

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Glitter Enamel





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Transparent Enamel

Transparent Enamel

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Antique Bronze


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Animal Pins Design Ideas

Animal pins are a popular type of accessory that can add a touch of personality and style to any outfit. These pins feature various types of animals in their designs and can come in different styles such as cartoon, realistic, vintage or minimalist. If you’re looking for animal pin design ideas, here are some ideas to get you inspired.

Farm Animals

Farm animals like cows, pigs, and chickens make for charming and whimsical animal pin designs. They are closely connected with people’s production and life. You can choose pins with a cartoony look and playful design, or pins with a more realistic look and more detail. These animal pins are great for showing your love for the country and its animals, or for calling out people to join food-saving campaigns.

Zoo Animals

Zoo animals like giraffes, zebras, and monkeys make for exotic and fun animal pin designs. You can choose from colorful pins with fun designs, or pins with a more realistic look and more detail. These pins are a great way to express your love for animals from all over the world and add a touch of adventure to your outfit, but you can also use these pins for casual or entertaining activities with a touch of innocence.

Fantasy Animals

Fantasy animals like unicorns, dragons and mermaids make for magical and charming animal pin designs. You can choose from various types of styles to design pins to match various occasions. These animal pins are a great way to showcase your love of fantasy and fairy tales and add a touch of wonder to your outfit, while also promoting local culture with fantastical animals.

Wild Animals

Wild animals such as tigers, lions, and elephants can make for powerful and eye-catching animal pin designs. This pin is usually suitable for wild and majestic occasions, because these wild animals are often strong and majestic. These animal pins are a great way to express your love for wildlife and add a touch of boldness or style to your outfit.

Marine Life

Sea creatures such as whales, dolphins, and octopuses allow for free and unique animal pin designs. These marine life pins will appear in different occasions depending on the style of the design, some dolphin enamel pins will be popular with young children, and some abstract octopus designs will be more popular with niche enthusiasts. These pins are a great way to express your love for the ocean and its creatures and add a touch of whimsy to your attire, marine life often expresses free thought and you can take advantage of this symbol too.


Cats and dogs are two of the most popular pin animal designs. For cat lovers, you can choose pins with cute and playful cat images, and for dog lovers, you can choose pins with your favorite dog breed. If you have a pet of your own, why not create a custom animal pin design of your own? You can take a photo of your pet and make it into a pin, or create a cartoon version of your pet to capture its unique personality. These custom pins are a great way to show your love for your furry friend and add a touch of personality to your outfit. And it’s also a better way to show off your furry family members to people.

The Popularity of Animal Pins

Animal pins have become very popular lately, and people of all ages and styles enjoy wearing them. But why are these pins so popular?

Show Your Style

One big reason people love animal pins is because they let you express who you are. You can pick pins with your favorite animals or designs that show what you’re into. This helps you stand out and make your outfit more special. Animal pins are a fun way to show your interests, whether you love cats, dogs, birds, or any other animals.

Affordable and Flexible

Another reason people like animal pins is that they don’t cost much, and you can use them in lots of ways. They’re not expensive like jewelry or handbags, so more people can afford them. You can pin them to your jacket or bag, or use them to decorate your hat or scarf. Plus, there are so many styles to choose from, so they can match lots of outfits.

Good for the Planet

Lately, people have been interested in fashion that’s good for the environment and made the right way. Animal pins can be a good choice for those who want to add some fun to their outfits without supporting fast fashion. Many animal pins are made from materials that don’t harm the environment, and they’re made by small, ethical businesses.

Bringing Back Memories

Animal pins can also remind you of the past. Some designs show old cartoons or characters from pop culture. Seeing these can make you feel nostalgic and think about simpler times. Animal pins can bring a little happiness to your everyday life through these memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make soft enamel lapel pins

To create soft enamel lapel pins, begin by designing your desired artwork. Once the design is ready, a mold is made by etching the design onto a metal plate. The metal base, usually brass or copper, is then cut into the desired shape and plated with finishes like gold, silver, or nickel. 

Next, each recessed area of the design is filled with enamel paint, using a small brush or syringe. Afterward, the pin is baked to cure and solidify the enamel. Once cooled, the pin undergoes a polishing process to create a smooth surface and enhance its visual appeal. 

A pin backing or fastener is attached to the back, and a thorough quality check ensures a flawless outcome. The result is a soft enamel lapel pin with vibrant colors, textured details, and a professional finish.

What are soft enamel pins?

Soft enamel pins are a type of lapel pin that features a design with recessed areas filled with colored enamel paint. The term “soft” refers to the texture of the enamel after it is baked and cooled. Soft enamel pins have a slightly raised metal outline around each colored section, creating a dimensional and textured appearance.

How to make hard enamel lapel pins

Create a mold of the design, etching it onto a metal plate or using a digital printing method. Apply enamel paint to each recessed area, ensuring it fills up to the metal surface. Allow the enamel to dry before polishing the pin to remove excess enamel and create a smooth surface.

Bake the pin to harden the enamel and achieve a glossy finish. Then, grind and buff the pin to ensure the enamel is level with the metal surface. 

Finally, attach a pin backing, such as a butterfly clutch or rubber clutch, to complete the hard enamel lapel pin. The result is a durable, high-quality pin with a polished appearance and vibrant colors.

What are your lapel pins made from?

We use a range of metals to produce our pins. The most popular kinds are made of brass, steel, and zinc. The base metal is determined by the type and form of pin.

What metal plating options do you offer for your pin?

We provide standard platings in gold, silver, and copper with every order. We also provide improved antique finishes that give your pins a worn appearance.

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