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Custom Air Force Pins

Custom Air Force pins are a great way to show your support for the Air Force while adding a touch of seriousness and soaring freedom to your apparel or accessory. These Air Force pins are a great way to show your patriotism and respect for the United States Air Force while also showing off your unique, personal style.

Others choose to display them at home as decorations, whether pinned to pin boards or put into boxes as part of a collectible. The beauty of custom Air Force pins is that they are small, affordable, and easy to display, making them a great way to show your patriotism without breaking the bank.

A custom Air Force pin is a powerful symbol of honor, pride, and commitment. These pins represent the brave men and women who served in the U.S. Air Force, standing up for liberty and defending our country. 

Custom Air Force pins are small, intricate custom enamel pins, though also available in other materials, that can be worn on clothing or displayed in a box to commemorate a person’s service in the United States Air Force. These pins can come in various designs, such as the classic air force lapel pin or the distinguished air force retired pin, each crafted with precision to honor the dedication and commitment of those who have served in the Air Force. Whether you’re an active-duty member, a veteran, or a retired Air Force personnel, proudly wear your air force pin as a symbol of your service and dedication to our nation.

custom air force pins
air force pins

History of the Air Force Pin​

An important part of the Air Force uniform, the Air Force pin is a symbol of rank, professional status, and recognition of achievement. These small but important pieces of metal have a long and storied history dating back to the early days of aviation.

World War I: During World War I, the Air Force pin was given a more formal role as a symbol of military rank and recognition of merit. Pilots and aircrew wear pins on their uniforms to indicate their rank, with higher ranks denoting higher ranks. As the Air Force grew in size and scope, the design and use of Air Force pins became more standardized and regulations emerged.

World War II: During World War II, the Air Force pin became even more important as a symbol of military patriotism and pride. Soldiers wear pins to represent their identity, and many contain the American flag or other patriotic symbols. Air Force pins are also used to recognize specific achievements, such as completing a certain number of missions or being recognized for valor in combat.

Different Types of Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are a popular and versatile product that can be used to showcase your interests, hobbies, and affiliations. These small and colorful pins can be attached to jackets, backpacks, hats, and more, making them a fun and expressive accessory.

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Soft Enamel Pins Cost

100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
0.75" $2.81 $1.73 $1.26 $1.05 $0.96 $0.92 $0.82 $0.69 $0.60 $0.49
1" $2.24 $1.73 $1.33 $1.09 $1.00 $0.94 $0.84 $0.71 $0.63 $0.54
1.25" $2.30 $1.90 $1.42 $1.14 $1.04 $0.97 $0.89 $0.76 $0.67 $0.56
1.5" $2.44 $2.07 $1.67 $1.23 $1.12 $1.06 $0.95 $0.82 $0.75 $0.61
1.75" $2.71 $2.29 $1.88 $1.46 $1.34 $1.28 $1.20 $1.05 $0.95 $0.87
2" $2.88 $2.46 $2.05 $1.62 $1.51 $1.45 $1.36 $1.22 $1.11 $1.03

Upgrade Crafts Of Enamel Pins

Glitter Enamel

Glitter Enamel





Glow in Dark Enamel

Glow in Dark Enamel







Transparent Enamel

Transparent Enamel

Plating Options




Nickel Plating


Sliver Plating


Antique Gold


Antique Nickel


Antique Silver


Antique Copper

Antique- bronze

Antique Bronze


Copper Plating

Options & Accessories


Butterfly Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Deluxe Clutch

Deluxe Clutch




Safety Pin


Poly Bag

Backer Card

Backer Card


Plastic Box

velvet box

Velvet Box


Velvet Bag

Different Types of Air Force Pins​

Air Wing Pin:The Air Force Wings pin is the most recognizable of the Air Force pins, representing what it means to be a pilot or navigator. Wings are usually worn on the left breast of the uniform and have different designs depending on the specific role of the individual. For example, a pilot’s wing usually has an eagle spreading its wings, while a navigator’s wing might have a globe and wings.

Rank Pin:Another important type of Air Force pin is the rank pin, which represents an individual’s rank in the Air Force. These pins typically feature a series of bars, stripes, or stars to represent an individual’s permission level. For example, a second lieutenant might wear a pin with a silver bar, while a brigadier general might wear a pin with a silver star.

Career Pins:Career pins are specialized pins that represent an individual’s specific job in the Air Force. Depending on the occupation, the design representation of these pins can vary widely. For example, a security forces officer might wear a pin with crossed rifles and keys, while a public affairs officer might wear a pin with a camera and a globe.

Troop Pins:A troop pin is another type of Air Force pin that generally represents an individual’s specific unit in the Air Force. These pins often feature the unit’s insignia or logo to represent an individual’s affiliation with the unit. Troop pins are especially meaningful for individuals who have fought in group battles, as they represent the bond formed by troop members helping each other through difficult times.

Special Pins:Special pins are a distinct category of Air Force pins that represent a wide range of achievements and recognition. These pins can include everything from pins for completing a certain number of quests to pins for receiving Commendations for Valor. Special pins can be an important source of self-confidence and pride for members of the Air Force, representing hard work and dedication in service to our country.

Air Force Pin Placement:

The Air Force pin should be placed on the left chest of the uniform, above the heart. The top of each pin should line up with the bottom of the lapel, and the pin should be centered vertically between the lapel and the sleeve seam. If multiple pins are worn, they should be prioritized from top to bottom.

Fixed Air Force Pins:

Air Force Pins should be secured using pin return fasteners or clutch return fasteners. Pin backing is the traditional method where pins are threaded through the uniform and secured with a metal buckle. The rear clutch fastener is a newer alternative, where a post goes through the livery and is secured with a small removable clutch. You can choose either method, but the clutch back fastener is usually preferred for its ease of use and greater security.

Maintain Air Force Pins:

Air Force pins should be properly maintained to ensure their longevity and appearance. They should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth and mild soapy water, and any discoloration or discoloration should be dealt with immediately, such as replacing or sending them in for repair. If a pin is damaged or no longer needed, it should be disposed of properly according to Air Force regulations.

Display Air Force Pins Correctly:

In addition to being properly placed, secured, and maintained, it is also important to display Air Force pins in the correct manner. When wearing multiple custom enamel pins, they should be arranged from top to bottom, with the highest-ranking pin closest to the heart. This demonstrates the authority and level of achievement of the individual.

It’s also important to wear only authorized and official Air Force pins on your uniform. Unauthorized pins can be distracting and illegal, and can tarnish an individual’s professional image. Air Force members should consult with their unit leadership or regulations to ensure that the pins they wear are authorized and appropriate for their rank and occupation.

In some cases, such as official events or ceremonies, additional rules may apply to the display of Air Force pins. For example, during a military funeral, an American flag pin should be worn on the lapel, above all other pins, to show respect for the deceased.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make soft enamel lapel pins

To create soft enamel lapel pins, begin by designing your desired artwork. Once the design is ready, a mold is made by etching the design onto a metal plate. The metal base, usually brass or copper, is then cut into the desired shape and plated with finishes like gold, silver, or nickel. 

Next, each recessed area of the design is filled with enamel paint, using a small brush or syringe. Afterward, the pin is baked to cure and solidify the enamel. Once cooled, the pin undergoes a polishing process to create a smooth surface and enhance its visual appeal. 

A pin backing or fastener is attached to the back, and a thorough quality check ensures a flawless outcome. The result is a soft enamel lapel pin with vibrant colors, textured details, and a professional finish.

What are soft enamel pins?

Soft enamel pins are a type of lapel pin that features a design with recessed areas filled with colored enamel paint. The term “soft” refers to the texture of the enamel after it is baked and cooled. Soft enamel pins have a slightly raised metal outline around each colored section, creating a dimensional and textured appearance.

How to make hard enamel lapel pins

Create a mold of the design, etching it onto a metal plate or using a digital printing method. Apply enamel paint to each recessed area, ensuring it fills up to the metal surface. Allow the enamel to dry before polishing the pin to remove excess enamel and create a smooth surface.

Bake the pin to harden the enamel and achieve a glossy finish. Then, grind and buff the pin to ensure the enamel is level with the metal surface. 

Finally, attach a pin backing, such as a butterfly clutch or rubber clutch, to complete the hard enamel lapel pin. The result is a durable, high-quality pin with a polished appearance and vibrant colors.

What are your lapel pins made from?

We use a range of metals to produce our pins. The most popular kinds are made of brass, steel, and zinc. The base metal is determined by the type and form of pin.

What metal plating options do you offer for your pin?

We provide standard platings in gold, silver, and copper with every order. We also provide improved antique finishes that give your pins a worn appearance.

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